Monday, October 13, 2008


Glitter Photos How do you define the word friendship? In many Asian languages, people use the word of "friend" more than they use the word of "acquaintance". But in German and English, people define the words clearly. There is a saying in English : A friend in need is a friend indeed!
Sometimes I really forget about that. I always consider people who I know for more than 3 months as my "friends". Are they really my friend? Do they also consider me as their friend? The answer is I don't know!

I have an acquaintance that I met somewhere (I think it is not nice to mention where I met her). We hadn't spoken for months until we bumped on the street. Then she had to talk to me. And again, being a great Asian, she kept telling me why I didn't visit her or call her. I was like....really, we haven't spoken for months and you didn't even tell me what's up. But instead of telling her the truth, I just smiled and told her that I was very busy (Some people prefer to hear something nice than something honest).

After having seen her on the street, then I called and tried to forget the past between us. But I couldn't reach her. The next 2 days she called back, but too bad I was in the Netherlands meeting my friends (even if we met from the Blog, but they are really my friends).
And the next day, she called again, I was very happy to hear from her again. She asked for a help. I told her that I'd if I could. After minutes of explanation, then I raised my eyebrows. It doesn't sound good at all. I can't do that! It's a breach of regulation.....Suddenly I realized and opened my eyes...........


Blogger Tiwi said...

This is what u told me yesterday....hmm...
She just cares about herself.

10:38 AM  

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