Friday, February 08, 2008

Bettercaring is better for us :D

Bettercaring is a website providing information on care. The 3 main important things from Bettercaring are care information, care search and care discussion.
At care information, you can find any information about care at home, resident care, health matters, finance, etc. In care at home and resident care, Bettercaring shares some information about the way you can stay at home and get supported. Besides that there is also information (tips) about buying/renting shelter or choosing housing scheme.

And at residential care, you'll get information about general information about residential care and also what to look for in a care home.

Health matters are really important for older people! That's why Bettercaring provides a list with common illness that happens to older people. For example arthritis, bed sores, blindness, dementia, diabetes, falls, pneumonia, strokes, and etc are in the guidance of Bettercaring.

In financial part, there is CareAssist that can help you with free advice and guidance of funding care for older people.

I think the coolest thing is the "care search". If you go there, and if you know the post codes from UK, then you can just fill in and search. But if you are not from UK, then don't worry, you can just click on the places you know and it will provide you the lists of the whole care centers in the place that you searched for. And the coolest thing is if you don't know about that place, there is some information about that place and I personally think it's very useful.

Then you can click on the care center name and you can see the all the information provided.
All you want to know is there, such as address (complete with the tel number), price, owner, accommodation, facilities, accessibilities, support service to resident, until the language.

Still want to know more? Check it out here :D
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