Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am pissed, so you fuck off !

I am really really pissed now, so you'd better fuck off! Really!

Nicolas and I were supposed to visit our best friends in Bodensee. She (my best friend) and I studied German together at Sprachenakademie. After her husband, Stefan had got a job, they moved to very south part of Germany.

For this coming Easter, we'd planned to go to Paris. But then my best friend told me that her friend also would go to Bodensee to visit them. So, if we were lucky with the seats, we could go there. For us, it was like...... wowwwww, I couldn't believe it. So, we called her friend here in Aachen, and he said that there'd be no problem. So, we were going to see our friends in Bodenseeeee!!!!!!!

We were supposed to leave on Friday afternoon. But, early Thursday morning, she called that her friend here in Aachen wouldn't give us a ride, cos his gf freak out, for there were too many people in the car.

WTF is that! Freak out at the last minute! What about me that have canceled all my plans and can't even go anywhere? BITCH!!!!! If I see her, really, I'd say, "Bitch, get out of my way!" Cos I also freak out to see her!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ini hari apa ya ? wah udah kamis midnight yak. udahlah gelar tikar aja ama nico di taman, mandang danau. atau BBQ dirumah

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

malang bener nasibmu nak, udah sini sama aku aja, kita makan char su rame2 hihihihi


dah ke cosmo aja sana, perjuangkan duitmu :D

12:11 AM  
Blogger Meli Bong said...

kamu kenal sama pacarnya itu...cakarin mukanya aja jeng...jadi orang kok judes gitu ihhh pelittttt

jadinya gak kemana2 dong.

4:23 AM  
Blogger Tiwi said...

Oalah jeng, kasian betul dirimu.....:(... Alesannya juga koq itu cewe menghina beƩng...

1:30 PM  

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