Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Work and the small city (Season 01 Episode 06) - luck and bad luck (I)

06.12.2009 was the most horrible day that I ever had, like usual I got mocked again, but this time it was under the belt. So, I yelled back.

16.12.2009 was unbelievable day. My 'best friend' Jacko was so nice to me. I was like......"what does she want from me?" Maybe she realized that what she's done to me was so bad?!?! Or she just wanted to show off that she was capable of anything?! No idea! But Agathe told me, not to be fooled with her kindness. She is like she is, she is not gonna change, especially in 10 days. I think she is right.

One week later, the same things happened again. I had to check all the shop, check if the clothes are in the right places. I was like, 'huh??? I left at 6 PM, cos I had German course, after that I have no idea what happened.'

Jacko : You should check everything bla bla bla.
Me : I worked by myself from 10 AM til 2:30 PM. It was like after WWII here. I called to the headquarter, but no one could come to help.
Jacko : You should have called earlier and told them.
Me : I did, if no one could come, what should I do?
Jacko : Tell them.
Me (thinking) : Are you stupid or you try to make it harder for me?

After that I was not in the mood to work anymore. Then my boss came, I told him that I was almost getting crazy. I didn't what to do. I get mocked everyday for things I do and don't do. I have to know everything. I have to control what others do.
He suggested to have a meeting. Then we had a meeting for an hour. Jacko was pissed, and so was I. She is still pissed. It's been more than 3 weeks. Isn't it ridiculous? I am the person who get mocked and when I complained about that, she doesn't want to talk to me. Great! Then it seems to me that I have to go. I'll find my way, darling. Don't worry and we'll see :)


Blogger Z - i - l - k - o said...

wah wah, bener2 situasi gak mengenakkan dan membingungkan yah

10:56 PM  
Blogger Xty said...

iya sekarang dia udah ndak mao ngomong sama gue lagi.....

gue sih cuwek aja, karna bukan salah gue yah, bukan gue sendiri yang diinjak terus, dia mah sama sapa aja gitu.

semua org pada benci sama dia. karna dia tahu terlalu banyak ttg perusahaan plus dia udah tinggal di sini 28 taon, makanya boss ndak ada nyali pecat dia.

gue mah masih muda, dia udah tua bangka gitu.....
kalo mao tengkar, bukannya gue bangga...malas mao ladenin org gituan..kasian

11:40 AM  

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