Sunday, December 25, 2005

my coolest xmas en bday

i thought i would be my worst xmas en bday in my life, yeah 25 december 2005. on dec 24th, mars, yao lan, ben , rebecca en some other friends asked me out to a tibetan resto. sounded pretty cool, i had my daal, my fave indian/tibetan cuisine. tried some tibetan-indian stuff...pretty cool. then the surprises came out....mars got me a coach purse....i was know when you really want something en someone gives it to you. then my other girlfriend got me a mirror (love ya..cos i just moved to a new apartment), then mell got me a set of aroma therapy (love ya know me!!).
then we went to the gay bar to have fun, yeah i did have fun. mars, his boss en me got 2 bottles of wine, but mostly i finished them hehehe en got 4 glasses of sex on the beach.....tralalala. then in the middle of the nite i got a very nice message from my bro saying merry xmas en happy ya bro! Then we went to the cantonese dim-sum at 5 0'clock in the morning. Evaline kept calling to her house party, she threw a big one, but i was too drunk!
then on 25th peter-olivia en i went to a very nice vietnamese resto...very neat, except they always forgot to give us the rice en took them to long to serve the food (i was starving).
anyways.....this year was my best xmas en bday.....


Blogger dian decante said...

kok sama sih...vietnamese rest disini juga gitu. aku pesan pho lamaaaa banget. untung gak lg lapar. 4 tamu after us dikasi duluan. gue punya malah ketuker. tipnya lgs gue coret

2:54 AM  
Blogger The same gal from the Bronx said...

wah kita orang udah lined up for setengah jam, udah gitu di-ignored lagi, ampe gue ke waiter nya trus bilang "kamek di sini udah 1/2 jam, trus gak ada yang layanin" eh dia malu2 en langsung order food kita, eh udah gitu nasi kita kelupaan.....mak...makan aja susah

8:44 AM  

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