Monday, January 09, 2006


One of my good friends just called me today at noon. Then I came out with, "has he born yet?"
She said yes!!!! Sherly just gave birth to a new born boy baby. And I got the honor to be his godmother and the honor to name him. Wow!!!!! I am so super happy!!!!!!

I got four names to pick : Jonathan (the son of Saul, means the gift from Lord, en I name it after my friend's ya Jon), Christopher (Christ-bearer, and will be called Christof), Alexis, and Aydan (I love the name cos sounds like a lovely, cute, caring, sweet, and loving person. It is supposed to be Aidan or Aiden, the sourse is Aedon, but I prefer to spell it Aydan with 'y'). I talked to my other friend to pick it. To my surprise, he likes Aydan too (I love Aydan!!!!).

Then a while after, I picked a present for my little babey. Thinking for a while, hmm I got him a little cool remote controlled mobile. He can't play with it now, but he will after a year.

I told Sherly about the names I'd picked. She likes Aydan too!!!!!!!
So his name is Aydan now. I looked at my little Aydan at the babey's room, oh my God! He is just super cute, super sweet, super lovely.....anyways I love my Aydan at the first sight!!!


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