Sunday, May 27, 2007

Do you know - 2

Do you know that : Krakatao volcano has inspired several books and films - usually in popular culture of the United States of America.


  • Tom Simkin and Richard Fiskes' book about Krakatoa was written close to the centenary of the event and provides source material that had previously been unavailable in English, as well as to that point the most thoroughly researched book on the subject, and it has not been surpassed.
  • Simon Winchester explores the eruption of Krakatoa in his book Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded, 27 August 1883. The book examines the history of the region, the early spice trade, the growth of colonial governments, explains the geology of volcanos and describes in detail the series of eruptions and tsunamis and their effects around the globe.


  • Krakatoa, a short 1933 movie about the volcano that won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Novelty for its producer Joe Rock. This movie was notable for overwhelming the sound systems of the cinemas of the time. In Australia, the distributors insisted on a power output of 10 watts RMS as a minimum for cinemas wishing to show the movie. This was then considered a large system, and forced many cinemas to upgrade.

  • The eruption is the subject of a 1969 Hollywood film starring Maximilian Schell, which was titled Krakatoa, East of Java — even though Krakatoa is in fact west of Java. This blatant error is perhaps the most remembered thing about the film. (Tambora, on Sumbawa, is the violent volcano east of Java). There was a novelization with the same title by Micheal Avallone.
Sources - wikipedia ;)


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