Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sex and the City Nites

Nah si Zilko penasaran katanya hehehehe

Rob and I tried to make Jose like Sex and the City episodes. Since Rob and I love love love Sex and the City. So, I had the idea to watch the episodes and eat some food while we are watching them. And every time we have food theme :D
We do that on the weekend, so we can stay late at nite and don't need to worry to get hangover.

The first weekend, we both prepared something to eat, and we just realized that it was too much! Nicolas and I made pizza and Rob prepared salad. To Rob, when he says a little bit, you don't expect that "less". It is always more than little bit. In the end, we looked at the table and looked at each other. Rob was like, "Wow, we have a feast again!" Imagine, we had a huge pizza for four, I made butter corn, prepared some chips/tacos, cheese; Rob made salad with dipping on zwiback.

Rob and I always discuss about the fashion, shoes and the make up. When we do that, Nicolas and Jose will talk about something else. You might have thought we were crazy hahhaa.

The second weekend, Nicolas and I made Flammkuchen (a very typical German food, they call it French thin pizza with creme fraiche, onions and bacon on top), Rob and Jose brought the drinks. It was always fun to hang out with them! The next weekend, we are having Mexican food and I am really excited! And after that, Nicolas and I will make Dim Sum!


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