Friday, January 02, 2009

Work and the small city (Season 01 Eps. 03)

Do you still remember Jacko? Yeah Jacko the white co-worker. She is nicer to me now :P (Just hope that she is not gonna be my best friend kakakkakakkaa). She is nicer, cos she has somebody else to complain about.

As usual, she said to me like this, "Did you eat garlic?"
Me : Yeah, we made salsa sauce and we put 3 bulbs of garlic.
Jacko : It is bad, bad for the customers, especially garlic.
Me (in my head) : Yeah right, you stink like sh*t everyday. So you eat sh*t everyday then.

After having worked, Sabine (new co-worker) said, "She was so bad, talking like that. She stinks badly, but no one says anything. You should have said something."
Me : Why should we waste our time talking to these kinds of people. Useless, cos people don't change :)


Blogger Tiwi said...

Astaga, ada juga yang asal nyablak...reseh amat!
kalo tiap hari dia menghina gitu, udah dari dulu2 tak plakband tuh mulut.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

masih mending tuh bauk garlic..khan enak. teman gue si yoko, bauk bangke atau apa gue gak tau nafasnya. ngunyah tic tac kek

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:50 PM  

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