Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Typical Asians I (I'll call you only when I need you)

Don't get me wrong, I am also an Asian. But I don't just call my friends when I need help and forget them when I don't need them.
When Nicolas went to Taiwan in 2006, a friend called and wanted to meet him. He was very happy, cos it was his birthday. Then the Chinese guy asked Nicolas for a favor. He wanted him to translate his work thingy from Chinese to English. Nicolas was like,...."Wtf, it is my birthday."

I thought it was only from one person and it didn't mean all of Asians were like that. But I was wrong! Most of Asians are like that. Ask yourselves, maybe you are not like that, but what about people around you or your "friends"?

I have an acquaintance here in Aachen that had never talked/called me until she needed help. But I refused to help her cos I didn't want get any trouble with the authorities here.

Oh I remember another "friend" from somewhere in my f****ster, she only talks to me in yms when she needed me. I was like ...ok. The first she talked to me cos she was pissed with her friends and she needed someone to talk to. Second time was when she wanted to come to Germany. Third time was yesterday. Hallelujah, she emailed me! But after months I hadn't heard from her and she mailed me. Not asking me how I am doing here or anything like that.
She needs help again............

The same like the Vietnamese German who owned an Asia shop here in Aachen. She seemed to be very very nice. Too nice even. She always said, "Yeah, after all the things have done with our apartment, you should come and visit us. Maybe we'll have a barbecue party or something like that." Guess what, she never calls.....Oh she did, once, when she just moved to her new apartment. She called us. And Nicolas gave her a hand with the shelves. It was the first time and the last time she ever called. We saw her a couple times in the city. I really would like to turn away, but I was too late. And every time we met, it was all so fake!

I am so sorry my friend, but if you just mail me or call me when you want something from me. I will show my middle finger to you and say,"F U!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kalo susah baru ingat ya, jeng hwhehhe

aku punya teman di singapore, kebalek pulak. kalo aku lg senang, dia cuwekin aku.tapi pas lg sedih, dia malah rajin kerumah, nelpon. thumbs up deh

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah sial banget sih say nasipmu ..

sampai sekarang aku belum ngalami kejadian keik gini sesama temen perantauan di belanda , sepertinya sesama perantauan malah saling mengerti ...

tapi kalau di kirim surat , email , telepon dari temen lama yg di Indonesia sih seriiing banget , ujung2nya minta bantuan abis itu nggak pernah ngasih kabar lagi kalau nggak perlu ...
pertama2 emang gw bantu lama2 gw menggerutu di hati "FU"

10:49 AM  
Blogger Ardho said...


emang suka bete sih kalo kayak gitu, cuman gimana donk. kan aneh kalo lg gak butuh, terus manggil. mau ngomong apa coba? gak ada bahan omongan..

hehehehe.. :D

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basa basi tuh mpok, pan org Asia plg banyak basinya hueheheheh..

Cuekin aje nek, org2 kek gitu. Mendingan baca message di facebook elu dr gw tuh hauahahahahaa..apa lu dah baca? gw belom kesono lg soale :P

Gmn jaitan? msh basah yak? 3 bulan puasa nekkk hoahoahaohaohaohaohaoh :D

6:29 PM  
Blogger Z - i - l - k - o said...

nyebelin bgt sih kalo ada teman yang kaya gitu, memang, hmmm... . Mungkin kebetulan aja ya yg itu orang Asia semua? Hmmm... . Soalnya ada juga yg baik, banyak malah, hehe... :)

7:56 PM  

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