Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We drove to Hannover right after I finished my work. So glad that we got this weekend-ticket. So, you only pay 37 Euros, instead of 95 Euros and it is good for two people. There is also a weekend-ticket which is valid for 5 people and you can use it for the Federal region. Awesome, isn't it?

We arrived in Hannover at midnite. The next day, we had long breakfast as usual. Then we strolled around the park, and drank Berliner Weisse at the Biergarten. It tastes awesome. Basically it is beer with syrup (either woodruff syrup or framboise syrup). Originally from Berlin, that's why it is called Berliner Weisser. If you go to Berlin, you must try it.
I tried both. They were awesome!

After that, we went home and Karin prepared the Easter dinner for us. It was roasted ducks with 2 different kinds of salad; julinne carrots with rucola and tomatoes with basil.
The same like usual if we sit on the table. It takes us hours to eat hahaha.
Since we missed the real party so much. Carolin, Raj (Carolin's bf), Nicolas and I dressed up and went out for a great party.

The first bar/club was called "3 Raum (3 Rooms)". It was ok. No body really danced except for us. They played salsa music. And I was really bored. Almost an hour later, we moved on. We found a huge club called Osho. If you go to Hannover and want to party, make sure you go to Osho. The security guy told us that the party is Abiball (prom nite). Carolin and I sneaked into the club and checked it out. We loved the music so much, so we were working hard to convince Raj and Nicolas to get their ass in the club.
Finally, we danced until 3:30 AM and took a cab home.

The next day, we had brunch at Gig (Lindener Ratskeller). There were all our good friends. It was really nice to see them again. The brunch was great. We chit-chatted with Ingrid, Hartmut, Jessica plus her bf, Uschi, Conny, Willy and the rest :D
I chatted a lot with Ingrid and Hartmut. We had celebrated New Year 2 times, and we will do that again as long as we celebrate New Year in Hannover.

After brunch Jessica convinced us to go to the beach. But because the vendors at the beach were still closed, we dicided to go to the Biergarten again. And we all drank the same Berliner Weisse. So funny!


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