Wednesday, January 25, 2006

do they go to school?

I really hate stupid people, sometimes! Do they ever think? Do they really ever use their brains? or do they have ones?
They are really stupid so that they don't know how to talk to others.
My manager, William talked to me the other day. We chit-chatted about many different things, such as cultures, traditions, customs and bla bla blas.
En he came out with such a question!
W : perempuan mana yg lebih murahan, sini ato indonesienne???
masya'allah, gimana gue mao jawab, wong kenyataannya jawaban gue bakal nyakitin manager gue!! i just turned around, pretending i didn't hear his question, and talked to joe.
sorry, will, my answer is cewek sini, and it's true (100% halal, no discount).


Blogger dian decante said...

kakakkakak....cuwek ajalah jawab ! jawaban gue ; thailand !!

eh bush cakep juga ya..ehem

6:44 AM  
Blogger The same gal from the Bronx said...

wuah gue seh mao bilang cina bangsat! tapi gue half cina (yg kagak bangsat lol)

wuakakkak gue seh gak demen ama bush kalo bush yang di semak2 mao lol

9:15 AM  
Blogger Celine-Lotuz said...

dian ...hahahahah non thailand yee ahaha kek chris non china hahahhaah alesan juga sama hahahahah opss

6:32 PM  
Blogger The same gal from the Bronx said...

mell loe non ape?

2:37 AM  

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