Sunday, January 22, 2006

first day in my new apartment

Saturday, Jan 21th 2006 was my friend, Norzing's bday, en i moved to a new apartment that day. Home sweat home !!!
Thank you very much to Mars and Jessica who have helped me a lot on moving stuff. Thanx :)

We went to do something different to celebrate it. Cool, there was a party held by ICRT (the local English radio station). We had fun til our friend Nina got drunk en puked a lot.

Oh my Lord!! so sorry for not having helped you guys, cos i would get really sick to see ppl puke. Then we dropped her to my new place. She puked on my bed (agggggggggg).
Mars talked to Jess quite loud so one of my roommates got pissed and stared at him.

Could there be more problems cause to me??? Oh well, that might be my new home-welcome


Blogger Celine-Lotuz said...

gong xi !!
tar besok gue main deh ke sana :d
roommate nya ganteng tadak?

3:17 PM  
Blogger The same gal from the Bronx said...

wuakkak kalo ganteng mah gue embat lok, masak buat loe

5:35 PM  
Blogger dian decante said...

lho ?? tiba2x udah di apt baru ! cepat sekali lo ngambil keputusan, chris hahahha salut. kalo gue gemini. bimbang sana bimbang sini....

udah di cek belom, landlordnya ? hehehe

8:12 PM  
Blogger The same gal from the Bronx said...

baru tahu dia.

don't be fool by the rock that i got
i am still, i am still christy from the Bronx....

udah, super duper (not yummy)

4:20 AM  

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