Thursday, January 04, 2007


Nicolas and I have spent some time in Hannover. We stayed at Linden, Hannover. Hannover is the most green city in Germany. It has lots of parks, gardens and some forrests. There is a garden in Hannover that was built in the same design as Versailles in France, and it is the second biggest 'Versailles' garden.

It was the second time I went to Hannover. The first one, Karin and Wolfgang took us to the best resto in Hannover called Azurro. They have the best cook. And I tried my first deer there. Smooth, tender and delicious are the only words to describe it. Our waiter looks like Harry, the one who married to Charlotte in Sex and the City. I told him, but he didn't know it even if he watched a lot Sex and the City.
The second time, Karin and Wolfgang took us to Tandure, the Turkish resto for Christmas. We had the best waiter there, Hasret. It is always full there, so better make the reservation earlier. Otherwise you'd stay outside watching people eating.

*** The black cat in the pic is Eddy, the cat of Karin & Wolfgang. The other cat is Crimson. He is blond.


Blogger MissAmethyst said...

wowwww... a version of versailles?? ada dipoto ga jeng hottie. mo liattt.. must be very very beautiful =DDDD

harry the bald guy??

checking out lots of resto ya... mulut dan lidahmu seneng dong dapet makanan enak2 this christmas =DD

5:14 PM  
Blogger The same gal from the Bronx said...

iya tuh, di eropa banyak yg sengaja didesigned mirip versailles, trus katanya di hannover yg 2nd biggest, gak take pic soale hujan gede hiksss

iya nih suka masak, makan, party, kok kayaknya gak kerja yah...pengangguran :D

4:54 AM  

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