Saturday, December 23, 2006

Denmark Trip

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss, I am back after long long trip to Denmark. It was fun!Truly.....
09.12.2006 (Saturday) >>>>> Set off for Hannover by Bahnhof / train. It took us about 5 hours. It is Hannover on the pic where the Xmas market is in. I love the Xmas markets in Germany. They sell a lot of kinds food and drinks. The most typical drink they sell at the market called 'gluehwein' which literally means hot wine.
10.12.2006 (Sunday) >>>>>> Drove to Denmark through Schleswig. Stayed at a cheap youth hostel. Was very nice.
11.12.2006 (Monday) >>>>>> We had money problem in Denmark. Some places in Denmark only take Kroner (Denmark's currency), but we only had Euro with us, so we drove back to Germany to the border called Niebuell (sounds like Bull to me LOL). We stopped at Andersen Hues (the house of the Andersens). It is so old that they keep it like a museum. More than 300 years old (I think LOL). Then we drove around to Klanxbull and the other Bulls :D
12.12.2006 (Tuesday) >>>>> Drove to Hoejer, but not much to do there so we decided to go to Mogetoender to see the old houses. It is a very nice place. Then we went to Romo (a small island that you can get through by the bridge of between two oceans). On the way, we passed Hjerpsted, and we found a burial mound from the bronze age. Ummm if we had dug it, we might have found some 'things' LOL. Romo is a very beautiful island with a very very very pretty beach.
From Romo, we continued to Logumkloster. In German or Danish, Kloster means a monastery. It has lots of klosters, that's why it is called Logumkloster (I think again, but it is pretty right this time). There is a place of execution at Logumkloster. We drove all over the roads and returned, but didn't see anything like such place. We gave up and were a little curious. The Danish goverment might have marked it in the map for the foreigners, so we wouldn't find it. And they'd watch us over the satelite and laugh to pee hehe. At the end, Nicolas saw something and stopped. "Rettersteded." Halleluyah, we found it. But it only looks like a grave with a stone on it, and plus I dun think anyone would find it, cos it is really hiding in the bush.
13.12.2006 (Wednesday) >>>>> We drove to Gram to see the old castle and whale museum. The castle was free but not the whale museum. From Gram, we drove to Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark. Ribe is the most beautiful city that I've ever seen in Denmark. We wanted to see something fun and different, so we went to the Viking Museum. Great! Then to the riverside city. Ribe Kunst Museum was free.
Tired, so we went back to Toender. And went back to Germany through Kiel and Hamburg. On the way to Aachen, we dropped by at Ratna's in Nijmegen. Oh, we almost passed by Eindhoven, but decided to take Maastricht. Otherwise we'd knock at Since's :)


Blogger MissAmethyst said...

great backpacking trip. kerenn euyy!!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Zilko said...

Bikin iri aja critanya... :( Mau dong kesana... :D

8:37 PM  
Blogger The same gal from the Bronx said...

hazey >>>> miskin sih hahaha LOL

zilko >>>> dateng dunk :D

4:42 AM  

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