Sunday, June 03, 2007

Best Sunday

How do you define your best Sunday? Brunch til 2 pm? Go shopping and spend all your money :D ? Or ride your motorbike somewhere and go on picnic? Or maybe some of you just lay on the beach until the sun goes down :D

My best Sunday was having breakfast with Nicolas and Habib from 10 am til 2 pm, then we went to Aachen Dom. From June 1 - June 10, 2007 is the heiligtumsfahrt (Sanctuaried Journey). They hold it every 7 year. And they'll open the Virgin Mary Shrine. It containts the Virgin Mary's gown, the cloth they used to cover the head of John the Baptist after he was beheaded, Jesus Christ's nappy (used when he was a child) and the cloth used to cover his lower part body when he was crucified. They are all amazing ! Then we stopped by at the Aachen Tresor. Awesome !

At 4:30 pm, we arrived home and then got dressed for William's bday party (my Hongkongnese friend). Ate at the best Chinese resto in Aachen (I made it up for the best Chinese resto LOL). At least the food tastes better than the food from other Chinese restos :D


PS: pics will be updated soon


Blogger Meli Bong Mendes said...

Sunday sayah kelabu...hujan dan sakit gigi jeng :P

3:39 AM  
Blogger Z - i - l - k - o said...

minggu kemarin diisi dengan bersantai2 di rumah, ha3... :) Malemnya ke mall trus minum cappucino di kafe, ha3.... :)

wah, chinese food memang ada dimana2 di seluruh dunia yah, ha3... :)

1:16 PM  

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