Saturday, September 22, 2007

Milan (day I - 11.08.07)

The first day, Mars took us to the flea market near the rural area in Milan. It only opens on Saturday. There are lots of things you can buy there; daily goods, clothes and also food. I got the best panini there.From the flea market in rural area, one can walk to the punk area (Porta ti Cinese).

I was really in the mood for Duomo di Milano. It was amazing! The Duomo is sooooo huge. Sometimes I just wonder how these people could keep it well for hundreds of years. Oh don't forget, for women who want to go inside the Duomo di Milano, you can't go in with mini skirts or sleeveless shirts/tank-tops. This rule is not only for Duomo di Milano, but also for the churches. (It happened to me in the churches).

Scala is also very nice to stroll around. There are a lot of nice restaurants. There is also a bull on a tile. If you can step on it and turn 360 degrees, then you'll be very lucky (for the rest of your lives hahahaha).

When I was in Asia, I always wanted to see Armani Casa (how it looks like). My dream came true LOL. But it was closed! It is still under-construction. From there we walked to Monte Napoleone. All these highly expensive-designer-garment and accessories are in Monte Napoleone.

Nicolas always wants to come back to Peck. They sell all the nice food with "nice" prices LOL. I just took a glance. It was not my kind of interest hehehe. We asked about the China Town. Mars took us there. It was fun to see more than 95% of Chinese in a very small community.

The other thing one should do, when one is in Italy. Buon Appetivo. I am sure you know what it is. Some restaurants offer the customers to pay only for the drinks and they can eat all the appetizer. There is one called MAS. I liked it!


Blogger Z - i - l - k - o said...

wah, Milan bagus ya... :D kapan2 kesana ah... (kapan ya?? :) )

5:54 PM  
Blogger Innuendo said...

gue waktu ke italy, sendirian. gak fun at all. pengen ngulang lagi.berdua tapinya

9:18 PM  
Blogger Chili, chili, and more chili said...

Some restaurants offer the customers to pay only for the drinks and they can eat all the appetizer.

Mau sekali , pas kemarin kesana kok nggak beruntung ketemu resto yg gini ya ??

10:10 PM  

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