Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh don't watch it, please

As we were watching the trailer at Frontrow on Mac, Asylum looked like a movie to see.
But after watching the movie, I have to say that, it is the worst thrilled ever! It is not scary at all, only yelling college students and a disgusting sick dr.

I just can not digest it, why someone (the dr. )who died and still came back to kill people. And he was bleeding when he got stabbed on his right hand. The dumbest thing was after Madison and Holt escaped from the basement, they ran into a forest (how stupid the movie is). They could run to the main hall or ran into the security guys or ran away but not into the forest.

There is no explanation why the dr. liked to kill people (was he sick??? or it was his hobby). Anyways, the worst movie ever! There is only one thing I still thing not too bad: the shooting. It is fine.

Well, I finished the movie, and I am telling you never watch it!

P.S. Bakmi goreng udang enak lho :P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aku gak suka euy nonton cerita2x kayak gitu. serem tapi juga bikin mual

jeng, itu jagung ya ?

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh jeng, pilem failure to launch maen lg tuh di tv. matthew mcConaughey ama sarah jessica si muka lonjong hahhaha...gak cucok eh. mana suara si sarah cempreng gitu

2:36 AM  

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