Thursday, February 05, 2009

Work and the small city (Season 01 Eps. 04) - Shopping with kids

No offense, I am no big kid fan, especially in a boutique. In Aachen, if you work in a boutique, your customers expect you to be nice to them and their kids. Sometimes, I just can not understand, why I should be babysitting them???
Like today, I had a non-direct customer (she was a customer from my co-worker) with 2 kids. The gal was 5 or 6 and the boy was 3 (I guess). The gal started running around inside the boutique and yelling, but her mother just didn't care and didn't even say anything to her like mostly parents suppose to say to their kids when don't behave. You know like, "Honey, don't do that" or "Honey, you will stay at home if you don't behave" or "Uh uh (and shaking the head) no no"

The gal then yelled that she was thirsty. I was busy with my other customer. Suddenly, she asked for tab water for her kids. Don't you think parents should prepare water for their kids, especially if you are shopping? I was not that bad, I still gave them Volvic water.

Five seconds later, she wanted to go to the toilet, and kept yelling. And I was handling my customer's payment. Thanks to Conny (my co-worker), because she asked me if I could take the kid to pee. I stared at her and did not want to answer. The kid's mum said, "Well, you just show her where it is."

What's the difference anyway! Why don't you just take your own daughter instead of picking your shoes! So, I kept standing up for myself, and Conny took her to the toilet.

After having come back from the toilet, she was lying on the floor. The customer (the one I was handling) suggested her mother to teach her kids. I was like, there you go, b*atch.
I know that actually people blame the parents when they see their kids don't behave. That's why I won't let people hate me wekkkkk.

P.S. Fady Malouf has a great voice, check out his song, Blessed, enjoy


Blogger Tiwi said...

Hehehehe...suabar yach...

Sama kek pikiran gw, kalo mereka gak mampu ndidik anak ngapain punya anak gitu loh...

7:53 PM  
OpenID mercuryfalling said...

hueeeeeg jd keingat anak2xnya temanku. ngedableg banget ! dikasi tau,cuwek.lari2x gitu di restoran, nangis berguling guling dilantai. pengen aku injek deh

2:33 AM  
Blogger Leony said...

Christie.... Makasih ya atas doanya. Udah aku update keadaan aku skrg di blog. Udah lama jg gak kunjungin ke blog kamu wekekekekek... Take care, and jangan marah2 melulu sm anak kecil oi, nanti anak sendiri dimarahin sampe guling2 wekekeke...

6:47 AM  
Blogger Fida Abbott said...

Hello Christy,

How have you been.

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1. You have been eligible for my next drawing contest.
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Good Luck and happy up-coming Valentines Day!!!

Best Regards,
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1:14 PM  
Blogger Since-Yen said...

Yaitzzz... kalo kejadiannya ama aku pasti tanganku udah gatel banget pengen ngejitak yg keras deh!!!

Hihi masih mending aku ya, ngejitak, Dian lebih parah lagi tuh, nginjek boo!!! Hahahahaha...

3:51 PM  

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