Sunday, February 15, 2009

Work and the small city (Season 01 Episode 05) - You've got no balls, I do

Sometimes, I really don't understand what people here are thinking. Last year, when I worked at a very high class boutique, an old lady came and talked to me. I did not 100% understand what she was talking about, but I kinda understand that she wanted to refund her pants that she bought.
Since I've never seen the pants for months, so, I asked her a question, "When did you buy them?" I was very surprised when she answered me, "About a year ago."
I looked at her in disbelief and expected that she'd told me that she was joking. But she was not!

According to German law, if you sell something and your customer wants to refund it, you are allowed to reject it. But because of high competition, most of companies accept it. And a lot of customers take it for granted.

Like a couple months ago, a young lady came to Agathe and she seemed to be very nice. She tried some boots and even ordered them. At the last minute, she told her, "Well, I have a pair of shoes to refund cos the straps were broken." The shoes looked very familiar to us, but still we asked for the receipt. And she was like..."I don't have it."
A : When did you buy them?
She : About 3 years ago.....

I looked at Agathe, and she looked at me. We were looking at each other cos we could not believe that, that someone who has bought a pair of shoes and wore them and wanted to refund them cos they are broken.
Well, seems like we have to get used to it :D

Last week, a middle-age woman came to Agathe (lucky her hehe) and showed her her platform shoe. It was completely broken into two pieces. You know, one shoe in two pieces, and she started like this..............

She : Well, I went to a cobbler and he couldn't fix it anymore.

I looked at the shoe and the looked at her, and talked to Agathe, "Send it to the headquarter, and we'll see."
Me (to her) : Do you have the receipt?
She : No....
A : When did you buy them?
She : About 15 years ago...
A & me : ????????????????????????

We were literally laughing behind the cashier desk, especially Agathe, she couldn't talk to her face to face, cos she was laughing to pee.
I wouldn't refund my shoes even only for 3 days, cos I've worn them. Fifteen years?????? Wow, she broke the record :)

P.S. I know some people think, ....... there is a chance, why don't I try it.
Well, there is my thought, you can wear that pair of shoes for the rest of your life


OpenID mercuryfalling said...

itu mah sakit jiwa, jeng..udah 15 th.

3:43 AM  
Blogger Xtina said...

iya tuh jeng...ndak tahu malu

4:09 PM  

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