Saturday, May 10, 2008

New place, new plants

Since orchid is second fave flower, so I bought one from a Vietnamese-German guy's shop, and he and his wife are our friends now :D

The orchid died one week later, and he gave us another one, but it looks different from this old one. I felt so bad, then I cooked tempeh for him.

The plants in the row are onions and shallots and onion. I plant them just for fun, they look nice too.
For *Hazelnut* and Melong, the painting was found on the street and I thought the colors were not bad, so I kept it in my kitchen :D


Blogger Meli Bee said...

selamat jeng...udah selesai pindah semua ya?cakep2 euyyy tanamannnya...trus yg lukisan dibawah juga cakep.

4:22 PM  
Blogger DeviLucious said...

slamat pindahan jenggg... wahh tanamannya manis2! poto yg paling kiri row 2 itu taneman apa say, tertarik gw

and bright pretty painting!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Christy Hann-Trefzger said...

melong --> jadi ngeri pindahan jeng, mintak ampoeeeeeeeen, semua harus perbaiki pas baalikin udah gitu banyak gono gini nya glek! barang2 masih berantakan di basement :(..jeng kapan jenguk gue ???

hazelnut --> makasih juga jeng! tak gue kasih penjelasan buat dikau :D

3:37 PM  

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