Thursday, May 22, 2008

Killing is the best way?!?!?!

When I read this news yesterday, it reminded me on Jakarta riots of May 1998. More than 40 people have been killed and 28,000 made homeless in South Africa. It was not much compare to Jakarta riots in 1998. Chinese descents in Indonesia could never work in other fields than being businessmen (anything related to business). Of course they are rich in the end. And after that, they are being blamed for the richness.

People are always being blamed for something they have earned. Life and destiny are in our hands, you can be anything you want if you want to reach for it.

Of course, what is happening in South Africa is different from what happened in Indonesia. But I am just wondering why people never learn from the history (it happened as well in Malaysia in 1969). So, for many people maybe killing is the best way. Do you agree with them?

Pics are grabbed from Washington post and CNN :)


Blogger Lawrence said...

Xenophobia still exists and could serve as a good point of reference in South Africa. Now the press is quietly trying to heap accusations on the angry mass.

Nonsense! Most of the incitement came from people who had attended schools and universities in other African countries. It did not even from the «racist white people." Blazing editorials in black South African newspapers set the pace for this tragedy. Oh the makwrekwere! As they referred to non South African Black people!

Surprising, it is Zuma who never left South Africa, who is trying to fight against this nonsense. Where is Thabo Mbeki, who spent his life in exile, in other African countries? Why is he not speaking up? We Africans are truly cowards!

Zuma came after Chris Hani in the armed wing of the ANC. He may not be perfect but I like him for his courage. The fact that he is Zulu doesn’t hurt. Cultural, traditional, extremely courageous, the Zulus know what is honor. Chaka, Cetewayo, Dinizulu, these are all nonsense generals who knew what meant to be respected.

South Africans should not forget that most African countries assisted them in one way or the other during the apartheid regime.

How will they feel if other African countries start doing same to South Africans in their own land?

Everyday Africa dies but out of the ashes must come something greater. We must all take courage! This is really a hard and sad, sad, affair.

Prince Lawrence Ayamba
Brussels - Belgium

8:51 AM  
Blogger evancelia-mom said...

Kapan yah dunia ini bisa damai tanpa ada keributan *sigh* all we can do just pray and pray. Seyem yah liat dr pic-nya..mudah2an semua bissa cepat berlalu ...

5:09 AM  
Blogger Meli Bee said...

aku nonton hotel rwanda aja teringat akan perang di kalimantan barat antara madura dan dayak :(

5:39 AM  
Blogger Tiwi said...

Sediiiih...manusia sebenarnya gak punya hak buat ngabisin nyawa orang lain, frustrasi larinya ke jalan pintas...

11:34 AM  

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