Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Indian

(Kai, Ellijah and me at Spring Scream)

Ex-lover's mum is coming to Taipei. So, last nite we went out for dinner at a very cool resto called The Indian. There is no Indian food or drink, but lots of dinosaur statues everywhere LOL... pretty fun!

There were Ellijah aka Ilkka aka my ex-lover, Ellijah's mum, Kai (my darlin' hah), Shauna (Kai's gf), Shally (sorry if I spell your name wrong) and her sister, Karen.

I arrived there late; traffic, MTR (why do I blame the MRT?!) and traffic again. Actually, I had no idea how to get there. Asking ppl here and there, and finally I saw the Indian sign. I was there a couple years ago when first arrived in Taipei with Julian. But Ellijah told me that they found the resto by accident when they were really drunk haha.

The food was nice. I had pineapple chicken with some rice. And they gave me some sarsaparilla. Then beer after that. Thanks, darlin' for getting me some :D. Oh guys, thanx for the request songs, they were very nice of you haha. I wish we could stay longer kakkakaaa.

After that we strolled at Shihlin market. Too many ppl and pretty humid that day, so we decided to get some "soft sherbet". They had strawberry and kiwi (too bad, I am allergic to both). So, I got cranberry instead. Then we took MRT home.

Thank you to Ilkka's mum for the very nice dinner. To Ilkka and his mum, "wish you have fun in Hong Kong. Have a nice trip and safe flight back home. "

(Ellijah aka Ilkka aka ex-lover :P at Spring Scream party)

PS : I will miss you a lot ex, miss the drinking trip and the parties. And miss the broke-back sharing with the Bollywood. And by the way, you still owe me my American Dad episodes :D

Kai, Shauna, and Shally, we will go to the Tavern on Friday nite to watch the German Empire vs Argentina with Steffen, then meet Mell after that.

Mell, take your Mr. G with ya!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stupid shit!

I've got some "nice" comments in my blog. Ok, back to my last story about the tarantula. I found this tarantula stuff.
This guy, kennfreeloader has left a comment about how stupid I was by not keeping them as pets or making money of them (his pics above with his pets). More his pets, click here.

He quoted, "Did a search on tarantulas in blogspot and found this.That pic looks familiar, i think i've seen it around somewhere, not sure if it's been lifted. What drew my attention was the little "ants" that she claimed to have seen. Whatcha think?*unrelated*also check out this article abt a 10" smithi that has long legs that are used to climb trees* lol"

And left first comment, " Pretty stupid.Most tarantulas are harmless, I own a few. You could have made a lot of money, because an adult tarantula can sell for hundreds of dollards, some in thousands.Poor brainless superficial doll..mankind deserves better than you...Anonymous"

Lemme tell ya:
1. I won't keep tarantulas and make money of them!
2. Yeah, I googled the pic, and posted it. I dun think you'd take a pic when you freak out.
3. About the "ants", it was the answer from my roomie, not me saying them!
4. The first time you mentioned about making money of it, I knew you were a chinois, cos only chinois talk about money all the you!

There are many tarantulas and spiders in Taipei. If you wanna make money, feel free to call me or send me emails. Just go to and mail me.

You have to tell me your name at that time or I dunno how to call you when i see lots of them again.

And by the way, I have a name, and it is Christina. You got one, anonymous?

P.S : Do you think I' am a poor brainless superficial doll? If I were one of the gals around you, I'd NEVER pick you, cos you have some little shit on your face..check the dermatologist!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tarantula story

Some nites earlier. I was from the Jail (Cafe Bastille LOL)and pretty tired, so I took a shower. While I was showering, I saw something in the mirror. A creature walked slowly.....So, I turned around. Oh My Dear God! A huge tarantula was strolling on the wall. I didn't forget to grab my towel and ran away. Knocked at my other roommate door. She is the chick, cos she is hot ( not as hot as me kakakkakaka).

She helped me to kill the tarantula with an insecticide (Baygon). Slowly but sure, the tarantula went game over, and fell from the wall. But still crawling a lil bit. I freaked out and jumped onto the bathtub.

My hot roomie had an idea. She picked it and I flushed it. Deal!
But the tarantula was really smart, she knew that she'd gamed over. So, she dropped her other part of her body (her abdomen). And when I flushed it, all of the small creatures came out from it.

"What the hell are those?", I asked my hot roomie.
"I think they are ants..." She answered me.
"Do you think a tarantula would have ant babies?!?!?!" I was looking at her closely.

There were hundreds of those babies. I had to flushed them more than ten times, and poured the hot water. Oh My!!!!!! Nitemare!


Sometimes, one just has a dream and it might be a stupid dream. Steve, Miranda's boy friend, always wants to be a basketball player. And Miranda always thinks it's his stupid dream.

Some ppl just like to take a break after school. Some ppl might think it's very stupid. Why?
Some ppl just wanna get a job after school, and ppl think it is a right thing to do. Really?

My friends have their dreams. To some ppl, they might just be stupid dreams. But it is really? No, I dun think so! Friends, you have choices. Follow your instinct. Don't give a shit what ppl say. Who cares! Friends, do that......

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jess' bday

New glasses

Mell bought me a pair of new glasses. And hers and mine are friends now LOL.

(Mell's glasses and mine)
(Me, staring at Mell while she was taking my pic)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Those women, thanx Lord I am a pig

Those women who turn into 45-50 ish but still single. I am not Miranda who judge them, but I am sure mostly they have mentally illness and psychology problem.

For example, one of my roomie QQ (honestly, QQ sounds like oink oink to me). She is more than 35 years old, I am sure. Her butt size is 5 times than mine. And she can't buy any nice pants to wear cos she is f*ckin' fat!

Once I got up in the morning, and said hello to her. To my surprise, those women here don't greet. She just walked away. That was really not nice. Don't worry piggy, I will treat you exactly the same how you treat me! Oh by the way, for your information, she is a dirty woman, doesn't like to flush after using the bathroom..ewwwwwwwww piggy!

Last nite, I did my laundry and then playing with lapty. She just picked it and threw it to the corner and did hers. Motherf*cker! Be nice piggy! And when I came out, I just saw all of her laundry hanging in the balcony(sigh....).

You know what? I can only bless her : Wish you are always be fat pig for the rest of your life ALONE!

There is one of my teacher, she is the same like the piggy except she is skinny and older. She is like 50 and still a virgin (none bf). Wish her be a spinster!
Oh by the way, I could not get their pics, so I put the pic of a PIG. Hope you enjoy it.......

Monday, June 12, 2006

The conversation

Why do I stamp a huge mushroom there? I am not addicted, but really I dunno why, just think it's cute, as cute as this conversation below:

Bean : Chinese is really difficult, I mean the intonation.

Kai : Yes, indeed. It is.

Me : Yeah, but once you are used to it, it's ok.

May : No.....English is difficult. Chinese is very easy.

Me : That's because you are used to it. You grew up in this surrounding of course you think it's easy.

Bean : Who says that English is difficult?

Kai : Yeah, tone just difficult.

May insisted that Chinese was easy but English was difficult. Bean insisted the opposite.

Bean : Sometimes, you call your mum MA, but sometimes you say MA for horse too. And sometimes you ask ppl with MA as well. So which one?

May : English is difficult cos sometimes you use present, and you have to change the verbs in past. But you dun need in Chinese. You have to change all the time in English (she meant the irregular verbs).

Kai and I was just looking at them with a big smile in our face.

Bean : Tell which ones that change all the time. See this is glass (he pointed to a glass). Will it be a bottle one day? No, glass all the time....

You rock Bean!

Parties Never Die

Rasieren Sie mich...LOL

Thank you to all of you my friends, for the concern and support. Yeah, final is coming, but PARTY NEVER DIES.

The German Empire BBQ party started like this:

The week before I met Steffen at the breakfast shop. He looked at me, cos he wanted to say hi to me. But I gave him the look (Tut mir wirklich Leid, Steffen..I was born to be mean :D ). Then he sat in front of me. Ahh we met at the sisha party hehe. Then we were 'planning' for the weekend.

Steffen, one of the German Empire sovereigns LOL told me about the BBQ party then drinking party. I am soooo in hehe. Of course, I won't forget my Ex-Lover and my Darling (Ellijah and Kai).

Saturday morning, attending school was necessary, I call it "when men gotta do what they have to do" LOL. Finished school after 5 pm, Mars came...yippie yippie yeah yea areha! My mateys were Mars, Kai, Ellijah, Kirsten, Bean and Arnold. The BBQ party started at 6 ish, then finished at xxx (no idea what time). Mars and I bought 1/2 dosen of Super Brew the German Lager, don't get me wrong but it is 8.5%. Nice shot to get wasted. As I remember, friends aka evil ones kept giving more beer :p.

The result, I got bingo. Passed out at Steffen's bed. Cintah called me. What did you say again?

P.S. (Those pics are from the sisha party. They all came to the German Empire party as well)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Taipei bus drivers

This is NOT the driver in Taipei looks like. Just cute so I uploaded it.

The real one is the other pic. The newest naming system in Taipei. So coool! They name the bus drivers now. Nyahahahhaha...Everybody got one English name LOL. So, If you dunno how to call them, you can see in the right side.

There's Duncan, Alex, Tom, Alan, Kevin (the most male popular name after Jason and Jack ummm not Jackass?!?!?!), Nick and so on. Ah great, just call my name and I dunno if you talk to me cos I dun speak English LOL

(P.S. The xmas drivers are my fave, cos they give candy away on xmas day or 2 weeks before xmas comes, and they decorate their buses nicely)

Those men

I dun wanna be mean, but sometimes old men are really annoying. This morning, while I was waiting for a bus, there was another man as well standing behind me. When the bus came, he just opened his umbrella in front of my face. DOH! Are you really blind? Can't see my huge butt in front of you!

I cursed him, and got into the bus. Then inside the bus, his umbrella was hitting on my legs. Darn! Then he held the handrail in my side, so I really couldn't move. Mtrfcker!!!

And another oldie got in the bus, then he just held the pole and leaned his body to the pole. I was just there. I really wanted to use a pin to stick his face. Another mtrfcker! I cursed them both and took a taxi!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Marathon drink

What is marathon drink? Lemme explain the weekend first.

Friday, June 02, I went to my old university to get some paper done. Took me the whole morning to do that, then I dealed my visa, not too complicated. Then, I ran into my uni, tried to do some stuff. Kirsten called. Then we dealed with her play things. Nite...., didn't do much. I cancelled VS thing, cos I was kinda tired and wanted to talk to my Cintah.

Saturday, June 03, After eating at Spaghetti with Mell, then we walked a lil bit. Had an appointment with Kai, Ellijah and Bean to drink. So we drank at Chao Chow Cha. Nice place with nice design and interior decoration, but they only have black coffee and a lot more expensive than Starbucks. Hello, who do you think you are! I got the cranberry ice sand (what they mean was sherbet LOL).

We hang out there a lil bit, then eat Malaysian food. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Drinkin' in the park was a great idea. But after a couple beers and smirn off ice, it started to rain. We ran to Cafe Bastille for some drinks. After a while, it would be closing soon. Lane 86! Great idea! Awesome! I ran into Concept to write my Cintah, then ran to Lane 86, but I got lost hehe. Beers, always great idea hehe. Drinking to almost 4 am then we left. Went home, woke up late, then visited Mell. Ich vermiss dich, Cintah....

Yeah...that's marathon drink means LOL

Cintah 3

(me in Taipei)

(Cintah in Germany)

Cintah 2

That was the pic taken me and my Cintah on the MRT when he was in Taipei.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Jarr me matey!
If you ask me what's going on, then I'll say nothing. I am just happy being aroung with my Cintah. Yeeah yeah yeah I am dating my besto now. If you ask me how, I'll say no idea. It just happened like that. One thing I can tell you. Totus Tuus, Cintah...

Home Party

I was invited to a home party last nite. I was wondering what kinda party it was. Arrived at Mell, then her friend, Xiao Wei called the hostess Kevin. Bla bla bla.....then we took a cab there.
Kevin introduced us to his friends. "We have mahjong nite." Interesting! I always insisted to avoid that game, for I had never played it before. Instead of mahjong, we played poker cards. Lame on us.
Then, dunno what happened. Mell played mahjong with those ppl. Then, to be a good guess, I played mahjong. To my surprise, I like it now. I ask Mell to buy a set of mahjong later. Thank you Besta! Sorry Cintah, wish you were there...