Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 was the best Christmas in my life. It was the second time that I celebrated with Nicolas' family, but this time we had more family members (Carol and Raj).
Days before, Karin called that we'd have Chinese fondue (hot pot), and I was like, "ok, why not."
The next day, my good friend called that we'd celebrate NY together with Chinese fondue...oalala :P

Christmas 2011 was the busiest Christmas for me, cos I have just had a new hobby......baking cookies hehehee. I started with Kaasstengel, and then Banana cookies, hazelnut amaretti and chocolate cinnamon cookies. I am so surprised that I can bake :O hahhaha.

We brought 2 big suitcases full of food, presents and clothes. We arrived in Hannover in the afternoon. Dropped our suitcases and we were welcomed with Sekt. Drinking Sekt is our tradition, of course then we had to keep our tradition LOL. Sekt is German version of Champagne, like Italian Prosecco. It is just sweeter, that's why I like it, and less drier.

We started to prepare the fondue at 4:30 PM. Everybody was very busy including Karin, Carol, Raj and Nicolas. I was just watching (what a great job!). Sometimes Raj and Wolfgang chatted for awhile and I had the chance to meet Karin's new baby cat, Lily :P
We started to eat at 5 PM :D and Nicolas had the idea with the dice. Whoever got the highest number, that person got to pick and open 1 present. We ate and picked up our presents while we were eating. I love love love it!

Until we finished unwrapping the presents, it was already midnite. OMG we had been eating for 7 hours!!
And ohhhh it was my birthday .......more and more presents hahahhahahhahaha.

P.S. This is my Christmas tree :D, it is a little bit small but very bright hehehehe