Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I hate Windows!

I really hate Windows! I will not use Windows any more cos it sucks! I should have sued the company 17928676485756350938474000 Euro for having designed annoying system. Nicolas was trying so hard to safe and save my stuff on my old Window laptop. But it seemed like I can forget about it. We have to buy a lot of shit and it is not the same like MAC. MAC is just so easy and it doesn't make you biting your finger, praying for the best. Windows really makes me nervous and it was not the first time. So, I decided not to use windows and I want to tell you, my friends...Don't buy it. It is like heroin; the system just makes you addicted, cos you are used to it and you have to use it. But when you get a problem, you don't know where to go!

Oh My!

Not only my laptop was very sick, I was also very sick! Oh by the way, my laptop is completely dead and I can not do anything! I hate to work with MAC. I am not used to it. But I hate WINDOWS more, cos I've got lots of problem.
So, last week I was very sick, so I didn't go to work for a week! Can you believe that? I don't if I should have felt happy cos I didn't have to see Jacko or I should have felt grief!
Too bad, I could only stay at home cos I coughed non-stop like the hip-hop music at the discotheque! Sounded crazy right? Have you ever coughed badly until you vomited? Yikey! You must wonder what I had right? I caught a cold, coughed, had sore throat and headache. Enough? I couldn't even sleep cos of the non-stop cough. But I am fine now yippie yeah yeah hehehehe........

Thursday, October 16, 2008

S.O.S help me and my laptop

A lot of people told me not to use windows cos if don't know a lot about computer shit and you got some trouble, you are in a shit hole then. I used to think those people who said that just wanted to show off. Well, I have used 2 windows laptops and one mac (too bad I returned it to him after we broke up). Really using windows is a pain in the ass. Started with my third one, I've sent it to the computer shop more than 3 times. This time it will cost more that before. It is completely dead! I hate myself!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Work and the small city (Season 01 Eps. 02)

Wise men said, "give someone who made a mistake a second chance." Seems like this phrase doesn't work for Jackson a.k.a Jacko. The last 2 days were totally great to me when she was not at work. One day she came, and maybe because there was another co-worker of mine who I consider as a "senior" working together, Jacko was not very bad. I tried to forget about what happened. But it seems people really don't change. I do believe it when I hear this phrase.

Again, only she and I at the shop this afternoon, cos Agathe had to work at the photo studio. I passed through the fax machine and found a piece of paper from a customer about the jeans that she returned. I took the paper to the shop and put it on the table. Jacko had a customer, so I thought I would ask her later. She came back and saw the paper. Suddenly she went crazy! I thought that she got rabies, cos it was really severe.

Jacko : You can not just take the paper and put it on the table.
Me : Yeah, I wanted to ask you first, cos I want to make sure where it goes.
Jacko : You don't need to ask me. Just put it on the folder.
Me : I have never done it. I don't know where to put it or which folder I should keep it.
Jacko : Yes, you have seen it before. Don't need to ask me just put it some where.
Me (in my head) : She knows more than I do. She even knows that I've seen it. And now she is telling me not to ask her.

Me : Ok, I won't ask you next time.
Jacko : You don't need to ask me, just take the old one and keep the fax in the folder.

How wouldn't I be so confused if every time (except for this time) she keeps telling me to ask her when I am not sure or I don't know how to handle the thing, and then she told me not to ask her?!?!?!?!?! The sex yesterday must have been so bad.................

Monday, October 13, 2008


Glitter Photos How do you define the word friendship? In many Asian languages, people use the word of "friend" more than they use the word of "acquaintance". But in German and English, people define the words clearly. There is a saying in English : A friend in need is a friend indeed!
Sometimes I really forget about that. I always consider people who I know for more than 3 months as my "friends". Are they really my friend? Do they also consider me as their friend? The answer is I don't know!

I have an acquaintance that I met somewhere (I think it is not nice to mention where I met her). We hadn't spoken for months until we bumped on the street. Then she had to talk to me. And again, being a great Asian, she kept telling me why I didn't visit her or call her. I was like....really, we haven't spoken for months and you didn't even tell me what's up. But instead of telling her the truth, I just smiled and told her that I was very busy (Some people prefer to hear something nice than something honest).

After having seen her on the street, then I called and tried to forget the past between us. But I couldn't reach her. The next 2 days she called back, but too bad I was in the Netherlands meeting my friends (even if we met from the Blog, but they are really my friends).
And the next day, she called again, I was very happy to hear from her again. She asked for a help. I told her that I'd if I could. After minutes of explanation, then I raised my eyebrows. It doesn't sound good at all. I can't do that! It's a breach of regulation.....Suddenly I realized and opened my eyes...........

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Work and the small city (Season 01 Eps. 01)

If Carrie Bradshaw wrote about her sex life and her relationships in a big, New York City . Then I think I'd like to share about my working life in the small city,.....Aachen. Start with what you do in a small town and what you can do here. If you are a fashion designer, then you can pray for a real job every day. Not only in fashion design field, but as well as other design fields.
But if you just want to have a job to keep your life go on, then you can take any kinds of jobs like working in a sales department or maybe working as a janitor :D

So, back to my new job. I am still on a probation until the end of November. So far I have 4 co-workers and 3 of them are awesome. I think I love the one who started the job like me the most. We really share all the shit there. And it is really bad, one of my nice fellow workers is leaving the end of this month. She is really nice!
There is only one of them that most of us have problems with. She is Jackson and has worked in the company for 5 years. She is married and has no kids. She is not young any more but sometimes I think she thinks that she is still 25, at least she acts like.

I've heard about her before she came to work. She was on vacation for a couple weeks then came back to "command" us (Agathe and I). The real shit is coming soon.....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yippie yippie yeah yeah arehaaa

Yeah yippie yippie yeah yeah arehaaa banana.....

Yesterday was the best working day since I started my new job. Why? Because only Agathe (my co-worker who started her job like me, and who got mocked as well like me. We share ups and downs together) and I started to work, until my other co-worker, Eva came. I felt like, wow! You wouldn't believe how happy I was! The witch was not as work. Who is the witch? Follow the next episode :D

Agathe and I did all the shit together without being mocked :D We decided what to do and what not to do :D What a great day!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Power of Mr. Armani

Last Thursday was a national holiday in Germany. Everyone drove to the Netherlands, either to shop or only to relax including Nicolas and I. We went to the area in the Netherlands called Roermond. You can shop a lot of luxurious branded thingy, from Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jil Sander until S. Oliver (not very luxurious one). I started from Mr. Giorgio Armani's deluxe work. My eyes were just into a pair of boots. They cost 400 Euro after 50% off. I was like :O but I couldn't complain cos they are really hot and sexy. I just could look at them closely and touched them, but could never afford them.

Three hours later, after eating, walking and window shopping. Nicolas got some kitchen knives from Viners. They are pretty sleek and of course looking good. Then Nicolas suggested to go back to enjoy the work of Mr. Armani. Jesus Christ! They were gone after three hours. The other pairs were also gone. Wow! I can never go back to see them anymore :(

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cinderella story (Part 1)

Wow, you must have been thinking why I hadn't written for so long. As all of you know that I was very busy with all the shit here hehe. Then I was thinking to change my life, started with change my job of course. So, I was searching for jobs and then applying (of course dummy) and then was interviewed bla bla bla and so on.
Officially, I work here now. Well, it is just another experience! There are still a lot of stories to share, but let's save them for some other time :)