Monday, February 23, 2009

Rosenmontag 2009 was awesome!

Karneval in Aachen

There is always a reason to have a party in Germany. Karneval, means carnival in German. In Nordrhein Westfallen (NRW), people here always celebrate Karneval before Lent, during January and February. In NRW (Cologne, Dusseldorf, Aachen, etc), the Karneval starts on Fett Donnerstag (one day after Ash Wednesday) and the parade is held on Rosenmontag (Rose Monday).

People are getting crazy here, and they can dress like anyone or anything they want. Everybody drinks on the street and keeps yelling. Well, if you feel like bored, then I think it's not bad to join them.

In Aachen, there are some places you can have great parties like in Stawag building, Eurogress, Karstadt and some other clubs.
I was planning to celebrate in Cologne or Dusseldorf, cos they have huge huge parties there. But on Thursday, I had to work until 2 PM, so I was kinda tired and not in the mood. I have to take a train from Aachen to Cologne/Dusseldorf, and at least it takes an hour and it'll be hundreds of people on the train. Next year, I won't miss it :)

P.S. The guy on the first picture is the prince of the Karneval


I think I am the person who finishes my projects at the last second. I remember when I was at the uni, I always finished most of my homework assignments and some other design projects on the last day.
Either I was thinking for days/weeks about my plan or idea, or I just postponed it.

I remember I was always working at the workshop until 4 AM or 5 AM (I had to), cos the deadline would be 8 AM the same day........
Is it genetic? Or it's just me. The same like today, when I uploaded my video for the best job in the world. Actually, I thought the deadline was Feb 21, and I worked my ass off so I could finish it. I did try to upload the movie, but it didn't work.

But then I read it again. Oh I still got a day! So, we remade the video again and tried to upload it again. After a couple times of trying, then I gave up and went to see Elyz. Came home and tried again. Horaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, the very last minute, I made it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Work and the small city (Season 01 Episode 05) - You've got no balls, I do

Sometimes, I really don't understand what people here are thinking. Last year, when I worked at a very high class boutique, an old lady came and talked to me. I did not 100% understand what she was talking about, but I kinda understand that she wanted to refund her pants that she bought.
Since I've never seen the pants for months, so, I asked her a question, "When did you buy them?" I was very surprised when she answered me, "About a year ago."
I looked at her in disbelief and expected that she'd told me that she was joking. But she was not!

According to German law, if you sell something and your customer wants to refund it, you are allowed to reject it. But because of high competition, most of companies accept it. And a lot of customers take it for granted.

Like a couple months ago, a young lady came to Agathe and she seemed to be very nice. She tried some boots and even ordered them. At the last minute, she told her, "Well, I have a pair of shoes to refund cos the straps were broken." The shoes looked very familiar to us, but still we asked for the receipt. And she was like..."I don't have it."
A : When did you buy them?
She : About 3 years ago.....

I looked at Agathe, and she looked at me. We were looking at each other cos we could not believe that, that someone who has bought a pair of shoes and wore them and wanted to refund them cos they are broken.
Well, seems like we have to get used to it :D

Last week, a middle-age woman came to Agathe (lucky her hehe) and showed her her platform shoe. It was completely broken into two pieces. You know, one shoe in two pieces, and she started like this..............

She : Well, I went to a cobbler and he couldn't fix it anymore.

I looked at the shoe and the looked at her, and talked to Agathe, "Send it to the headquarter, and we'll see."
Me (to her) : Do you have the receipt?
She : No....
A : When did you buy them?
She : About 15 years ago...
A & me : ????????????????????????

We were literally laughing behind the cashier desk, especially Agathe, she couldn't talk to her face to face, cos she was laughing to pee.
I wouldn't refund my shoes even only for 3 days, cos I've worn them. Fifteen years?????? Wow, she broke the record :)

P.S. I know some people think, ....... there is a chance, why don't I try it.
Well, there is my thought, you can wear that pair of shoes for the rest of your life

Happy Valentine's Day

Last nite, I just realized how much I miss the parties in Taipei City and Hong Kong. After having had dinner with Paul and Karsten at my place, we went to meet a friend at Sowie So. It was ok. Then we decided to go dancing.
Image, the best place for party (so far). The music was awesome! I really miss this kinda party. It was packed and blast!

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Work and the small city (Season 01 Eps. 04) - Shopping with kids

No offense, I am no big kid fan, especially in a boutique. In Aachen, if you work in a boutique, your customers expect you to be nice to them and their kids. Sometimes, I just can not understand, why I should be babysitting them???
Like today, I had a non-direct customer (she was a customer from my co-worker) with 2 kids. The gal was 5 or 6 and the boy was 3 (I guess). The gal started running around inside the boutique and yelling, but her mother just didn't care and didn't even say anything to her like mostly parents suppose to say to their kids when don't behave. You know like, "Honey, don't do that" or "Honey, you will stay at home if you don't behave" or "Uh uh (and shaking the head) no no"

The gal then yelled that she was thirsty. I was busy with my other customer. Suddenly, she asked for tab water for her kids. Don't you think parents should prepare water for their kids, especially if you are shopping? I was not that bad, I still gave them Volvic water.

Five seconds later, she wanted to go to the toilet, and kept yelling. And I was handling my customer's payment. Thanks to Conny (my co-worker), because she asked me if I could take the kid to pee. I stared at her and did not want to answer. The kid's mum said, "Well, you just show her where it is."

What's the difference anyway! Why don't you just take your own daughter instead of picking your shoes! So, I kept standing up for myself, and Conny took her to the toilet.

After having come back from the toilet, she was lying on the floor. The customer (the one I was handling) suggested her mother to teach her kids. I was like, there you go, b*atch.
I know that actually people blame the parents when they see their kids don't behave. That's why I won't let people hate me wekkkkk.

P.S. Fady Malouf has a great voice, check out his song, Blessed, enjoy

Oh don't watch it, please

As we were watching the trailer at Frontrow on Mac, Asylum looked like a movie to see.
But after watching the movie, I have to say that, it is the worst thrilled ever! It is not scary at all, only yelling college students and a disgusting sick dr.

I just can not digest it, why someone (the dr. )who died and still came back to kill people. And he was bleeding when he got stabbed on his right hand. The dumbest thing was after Madison and Holt escaped from the basement, they ran into a forest (how stupid the movie is). They could run to the main hall or ran into the security guys or ran away but not into the forest.

There is no explanation why the dr. liked to kill people (was he sick??? or it was his hobby). Anyways, the worst movie ever! There is only one thing I still thing not too bad: the shooting. It is fine.

Well, I finished the movie, and I am telling you never watch it!

P.S. Bakmi goreng udang enak lho :P

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Movie Nites

After having watched more a couple of movies, I just realized how long I stayed on my chair every day and wrote shit. And I also realize how nice it is to sit in front of computer and watch movies.
In four days, I've seen more than 7 movies: Hancock, Silk, Babel, Taking Lives, The Number 23, Along Came a Spider, Juno, Ripley's Game etc.

Hancock was really fun, Nicolas and I almost laughed to pee (Jeng, loe juga kan, ditahan sih kakakakaka). After laughing, and there was the horror coming. Silk is a Taiwanese/Japanese scary movie. It didn't scare me at all, in fact it was a very sad movie. The shot of some places in Taipei City and Tokyo reminded me of the MRT (subway). In the movie, they speak too much Japanese and I don't understand the German subtitle :S

Babel was also great! Taking Lives was awesome! They are not new anymore, but I hadn't seen them. The Number 23 was also fabulous, but don't you think it is very obvious that Walter is the killer/the writer of the book? But still, I have to give Jim Carrey some credit for the great acting (not in comedy hehehe). Morgan Freeman was playing in Along Came a Spider as a very smart detective. He reminded me of Mc Gyver. Oh, I miss Mc Gyver so much!

Juno was not as great as I espected. See, I hate expectation.
Ripley's Game is an old old movie, but I never get bored with it. I was thinking to have a Ripley nite. Like watching Ripley movies the whole nite :D

P.S. In case you ask me why I uploaded the pic on the top. I don't want to get troubles with copyright thingy. There is a website called xxxx (here) and the owners (a couple) had sued many people who downloaded their online photographs and they won. So from now on, I will use my owe photographs ONLY :)