Monday, March 31, 2008

I love love Trier

Trier is the oldest city in Germany. It was founded in 16th BC. Wow! I was totally stunned when I read about Trier. The same like the other European cities, Trier also has different names:
in French is Trèves, Luxembourgish is Tréier, Spanish is Tréveris, and Latin is Augusta Treverorum.

Trier is a city with very strong Roman influences, the old remains from the Roman Empire of Constantine I are everywhere; Porta Nigra, Keiserthermen (Roman baths), coliseum, amphitheater, Konstantika Basilica and so on.

I was there on Easter, to get rid of the weather in Aachen. We drove through Liege, Belgium, but really we should have appreciated the weather in Aachen, cos in Belgium, the weather was really hell. It was snowing and they don't put salt on the highway to obviate car accidents.

So, yeah back to Trier again. Nicolas, Janath (my new Indian friend) and I drove to Trier by car. It was so funny, as long as we were in Germany, the weather was sunny, and we drove back to Belgium, it was totally hell.

I was pretty blond that I didn't charge my camera, so I only took some pictures, the rest is on my head. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggg ........................

I am gonna go back again in summer :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden

I am sure that most of you know the song Lemon Tree. But I am not sure if you still remember the band who sang the song. Fool's Garden is a German band which was formed in 1991 and the biggest hit at the time was Lemon Tree. After year 2003, they changed their band name to Fools Garden (without apostrophe)

After that I don't really hear from them anymore. Last nite, I was searching some videos at youtube, and just typed in Fool's Garden. I found a lot of videos of them including this one. I am sure that you'll love this song, Suzy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you and enjoy the holiday :)

P.S. Thanks to my boss and his wife for the lovely pressie, and to Wolfgang & Karin for the package. Vielen Dank !

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ken Lee vs Without You

I was wondering which song of Mariah Carey is called Ken Lee. Or Mariah Carey had a boy friend named Ken Lee.

I am no big fan of Idol thingy or Sucht den Superstar thingy. Yesterday, when I was on youtube checking some vidoes. I found Bulgarian Music Idol. Did Mariah Carey sing the song Ken Lee or most of Bulgarians really don't speak English and still registered for the competition?

Enjoy your day :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am pissed, so you fuck off !

I am really really pissed now, so you'd better fuck off! Really!

Nicolas and I were supposed to visit our best friends in Bodensee. She (my best friend) and I studied German together at Sprachenakademie. After her husband, Stefan had got a job, they moved to very south part of Germany.

For this coming Easter, we'd planned to go to Paris. But then my best friend told me that her friend also would go to Bodensee to visit them. So, if we were lucky with the seats, we could go there. For us, it was like...... wowwwww, I couldn't believe it. So, we called her friend here in Aachen, and he said that there'd be no problem. So, we were going to see our friends in Bodenseeeee!!!!!!!

We were supposed to leave on Friday afternoon. But, early Thursday morning, she called that her friend here in Aachen wouldn't give us a ride, cos his gf freak out, for there were too many people in the car.

WTF is that! Freak out at the last minute! What about me that have canceled all my plans and can't even go anywhere? BITCH!!!!! If I see her, really, I'd say, "Bitch, get out of my way!" Cos I also freak out to see her!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's day to you who celebrate it :)

Pasta with Christina sauce, please :D

In English and other European languages which based on Latin root, they describe or name pic. 1 and pic. 2 differently.

Img. 1 is called ketchup and img. 2 is called pasta with tomato sauce.

According to some sources, the word "ketchup" derives from Cantonese dialect "keo-chiap".

So, ketchup and tomato sauce are two different thing.
For image 1 : ***************************Image 2:

English ---> Ketchup *******************English ---> Tomato sauce
German --> Ketchup *******************German --> Tomatensauce
Spanish --> Kétchup *******************Spanish --> Salsa de tomate
French ---> Ketchup *******************French ---> Sauce tomate
Chinese -->
番茄酱 *********************Chinese --> (***)
Indonesian -> Saus tomat ***************Indonesian -> Saus ala Christina

Actually 番茄酱 literally means tomato sauce, (***) and I've check many Chinese-English dictionaries for tomato sauce, but all I got the word with the meaning of "ketchup".

The same like Indonesian language, there is no certain word for tomato sauce. If you say, it is "saus tomat", then you are wrong. Because saus tomat is used to describe ketchup.

I also ask many of my Indonesian friends and they don't know, so I declare it as saus ala Christina. Next time when you are in an Italian restaurant in Indonesia, and you'd like to order pasta with tomato sauce, then you can say, "Saya mau pesan pasta pakai saus ala Christina. Terima kasih." (I'd like to have pasta with tomato sauce please, in English) :D:D:D:D:D

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


These flowers are named "Forget-me-nots". In German, they call it Vergiss-mein-nicht. It sounds a little funny to me, but truly, how can you forget these little tiny sweet flowers. Combination of turquoise and white make them so special.

In other languages:
Chinese ---> 無忘我 (wu wang wo)
Danish ---> Forglemmigej
Dutch ----> Vergeet-mij-nietje
Finnish ---> Lemmikit
Polish ----> Niezapominajka
Spanish /French / Italian ---> Myosotis

I am wondering how do you say that in Indonesian and Malay?
Maybe : Jangan lupakan daku or Tadak lupakan awak :D

What do you think?

Storm in Aachen?

Beobachten Sie bitte (Attention please..)
The weather forecast predicted that there would be storm in Aachen today. A lot of people were pretty scared and decided to stay at home. The weather was not very friendly. It drizzled and then stopped and drizzled again.

The news in the radio and newspaper kept announcing about the storm at 2 pm until 7 pm. Until 5:37 pm nothing has happened. No storm! Only drizzled!
But it will be raining in Aachen until next Monday. What a day! :(

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What does it mean?

Nadja told me that she had a dream last nite. Her teeth were falling out. Three of them were out of control bleeding. Started from the upper canine tooth on the right side, then lower first premolar also on the right side and followed by other lower second premolar on the left side.

They just fell off, and then bled like nothing could stop them. The most embarrassing thing was she met her ex boy friend. She cried so loud and he tried to make her calm down.

Some people say that we dream of something because we think about that thing too much, that's why we bring it to our dreams. Some say that dream is the fantasy of our sleep. But I think there is a meaning of a dream like maybe we are lucky or something like that :D

What does Nadja dream mean? Anybody knows?

Monday, March 03, 2008

What a sweet Simon :D

I am not a big fan of reality shows like American Idol, America's Next Top Models, Super Star, or Survivor.

I had never watched the American Idol until last nite, cos I was so bored and I clicked on some random websites and I found this.

It was funny actually. Especially the part when Kyle sang. He is really an innocent guy. And at the last part, Josiah sang and it was so touched. I thought Simon would say "no" to him. But he didn't!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cinta Laura Kiehl

Cinta Laura, another Indonesian so-called actress, model or whatever it is, is showing her mixed face. If you ask me why Asian film industry likes to "sell" the Caucasian-Asian-mixed figures and faces? I tell you : I don't know! Most of these kids are super stupid and sometimes they even never gain acting education, and they try to convince the audience. They are not even cute :O

I have some quotes from the internet, and I just think it's funny. No offense, she is NOT very smart not pretty!

  • "Kata mama aku, perfume itu wanginya gak longlasting... Jadi mendingan kasi bracelet from platina" = (My mum said that perfume is not long-lasting, so it's better to wear bracelet from platinum)
  • "Aku pengen ke America atau ke England kalau udah masuk ke university. Kalau di England pengen ke Oxford, kalau di America pengen ke Harvard atau Yale atau Princeton" = (I wanna study in the USA or UK. I wanna go to Oxford, England or Harvard or Yale or Princeton, USA)
  • "Banyak orang-orang yang ikut dunia entertainment langsung drop out of school, itu menurut aku that's really really stupid. Soalnya mereka nggak pikirin long term" = (Many people work in the entertainment field, and get dropped out of schoold, I think it's really really stupid, cos they don't really think long term, in the future she meant)
  • "Not all beautiful people bisa menjadi famous" = (Not all beautiful people can be famous)
  • "Bahasa Indonesia saya buruk sekali, jadi Cinta will be going to Australia to improve Bahasa Indonesia Cinta" = (My Indonesian language is very poor, so I will be going to Australia to improve my Indonesian language)
  • "Udah ujan, becek, gak ada ojek...." (It was raining, wet and no chauffeur)

  • "Aku kalow di dalam negeri sukanya liburan ke Bali karna aku punya apartmen di sana" =(In Indonesia, I like to go to Bali cos I have an apartment there)
  • "Aku udah keliling keliling dunia, ke London, German and several countries karena papaku General Manager di Hyatt" = (I've been around the world, been to London, Germany and several countries cos my dad is the General Manager in Hyatt)
  • "Kamu nggak cocok pake logat english karena kamu dari kecil tinggal di Indonesia" kepada Samuel Zylgwyn Heckenbucker, artis ABG berwajah Indo tapi lahir dan besar di Indonesia = ("It doesn't suit you to speak with English accent cos you were born and grew up in Indonesia," said Cinta Laura to Samuel Zylgwyn Heckenbucker, young mixed-blood actor who was born and grew up in Indonesia. )
  • "Cinta ingin berhenti waktu career Cinta sedang naik, biar tetap dikenang so kalau orang-orang mengingat Cinta itu oh my God, Cinta Laura..." = (I wanna quit after my career is on the top, so people will always know me and will say...Oh my God, Cinta Laura..)
  • "Cinta mengajar di sekolah untuk anak-anak ini karena pendidikan di Indonesia masih kurang dibandingkan dengan di German. Indonesia kan negara miskin, banyak orang-orangnya masih bodoh, tidak sekolah" = (I teach kids at a school cos education in Indonesia is still inadequate comparing Germany. Indonesia is a poor country, there are still many people who are stupid and they don't go to school)
  • "Waktu Cinta study tour ke India dari sekolah disana negaranya lebih kotor, banyak orang-orang miskin, rumah-rumah jelek di pinggir jalan. Orang-orang tidur di stasiun kereta, iuuugghhh..." = (When I was on study tour to India, it was dirtier there, a lot of poor people, ugly houses. People were sleeping at the train station, ugggggg)
  • "Dari kecil papa sudah punya banyak mobil waktu di German kita punya 5 mobil tapi karena garagenya tidak cukup jadi papa menjual mobil-mobil itu tinggal 2. Tapi aku paling suka yang Audi A4..." = (My dad had had many cars since I was a child in Germany, we had 5 cars, but the garage was too small for the cars, so my dad had to sell the cars. So only 2 cars left. But I like Audy A4 the most)
  • "Mami-Papi saya sudah sukses, jadi Cinta minta apa saja pasti dikasih." = (My mum and dad are very successful, so they will give me anything I want)
  • "Ahmad Dhani is very cool. Aku taunya dari Mama." = (Ahmad Dhani is very cool. I know it from my mum)
  • "Saya jarang makan makanan di warung gitu karena banyak ehmm.. Toxic." = (I rarely eat food from the vendors cos it is toxic. )
  • "Kata Papaku, aku gak boleh beli obat di warung, because gak ada label dari health department. I meant Departemen Kesehatan." = (My dad said that I was not allowed to buy medication from the vendors cos they don't have label from health department)
  • "My first car? Mmm... I don't know. Karena aku mmm... Aku sudah ganti mobil is about 8 kali. Oooww... I know, I have my first car pas aku umur 8 tahun, karena ulang tahun yang ke-7 itu hadiahnya kolam renang." = (My first car? Ummm...I don't know. Cos I've changed cars 8 times. Owww...I know, I had my first car when I was 8 years old, cos my 7th year-old-birthday present was a swimming pool. )
  • "Mama Papa punya apartment di Bali. Kalau libur Cinta ke Bali. Bali is like a second home. I love Bali so much, di sana banyak orang campur-campur." = (My parents have an apartment in Bali. I go to Bali on vacation. Bali is like a second home, I love Bali so much, cos it is so mixed there.)
  • "Well... I think global warming is cool!"
  • "Oh my God, Mom, Dad... Why people doing that? Soalnya saya dari kecil tinggal di luar negeri. It's natural bukan dibuat-buat." (Oh my God, mum, dad...why are people doing that? I grew up abroad since I was little kid, it's natural, I don't make it up)
Enjoy the circus and have a great day!

Are we one of them?

Five or ten years ago in Aachen, Germany the beggars were mostly alcoholics, drug addicts, or homeless people. But nowadays, in Aachen you can see a lot of beggars are "clean-well" dressed. When you talk about beggars in Aachen, people would respond you like this, "ahhh mostly they are alcoholics or drug addicts, they will use the money to take more drugs and buy more drinks."

Is it true?

In Germany, not every homeless can get the social welfare from the government. They have to prove a lot of things and at least they have to have a fixed home address. So, if they don't have fixed home address, they can never get the social welfare.

My friend who worked in asylum shelter told me that the refugees who live in the shelter are not like most of people think; like they only get the social welfare and they don't need to work.
They have to face the reality that sometimes they live in a very small place with (sometimes) children. The most shivery thing is they might be deported at any time.

Back to the beggar story again. Actually, sometimes I can see from the beggars' faces that they really need help, but not everybody willing to help them. Most of people think that those beggars use the money to buy more alcohol. But if we don't help them, it will cause more social problems to us. Giving them 50 cents or 1 Euro is not gonna make you poor. Furthermore, they can't even buy alcohol with your 50 cents if they really need food.

Last weekend, there was a beggar in front of a church. He was not very old nor dirty nor in alcohol odor. He was sitting outside of the church and silent. After the mass, most of the people came out. Suddenly, he was so happy and hoping that his "brothers/sisters" would give him something. But in contrary, I didn't see people help him. I believe they also think that he'll use the money to support his alcoholic lifestyle. But is it really like that??? I don't know :)

Mother cursed her daughter because ......

I watched the infotainment a couple minutes ago. Here is about Kiki Fatmala and her mother. Fatmala's mother, Farida Fatma came to her daughter house with a group of news reporters and complained that her daughter is a disobedient child (durhaka). I was totally like huh?

I meant how she became a disobedient child? Because she doesn't pay her mother's hospital fees? That is ridiculous! Of course I can understand that Fatmala should have cared about her own mother, but yelling loud to everybody about her own daughter and showing how bad she is, is not the good idea of solving the problems.

I am just wondering especially as Fatma passed out, all the reporters were just looking for some minutes. How stupid they were!

Anyways, I think in Eastern culture, children have to obey/listen to the parents. Have you ever thought what about if your parents are wrong. Do you have to listen to what they say? Parents often use this "weapon" to threat the children.

PS. Enjoy the video! :D

Back again

Sup friends!!!!! It's been so long after my last post. How have you been doing? Aachen is still the same and raining more hehehe. They said that there'd be storm coming, but it wasn't, only rain and strong wind. But yeah, kinda annoying with the weather LOL.

Wish you guys a nice weekend and I'll be back with more update for you :D

xoxoxo xty