Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Typical Asians I (I'll call you only when I need you)

Don't get me wrong, I am also an Asian. But I don't just call my friends when I need help and forget them when I don't need them.
When Nicolas went to Taiwan in 2006, a friend called and wanted to meet him. He was very happy, cos it was his birthday. Then the Chinese guy asked Nicolas for a favor. He wanted him to translate his work thingy from Chinese to English. Nicolas was like,...."Wtf, it is my birthday."

I thought it was only from one person and it didn't mean all of Asians were like that. But I was wrong! Most of Asians are like that. Ask yourselves, maybe you are not like that, but what about people around you or your "friends"?

I have an acquaintance here in Aachen that had never talked/called me until she needed help. But I refused to help her cos I didn't want get any trouble with the authorities here.

Oh I remember another "friend" from somewhere in my f****ster, she only talks to me in yms when she needed me. I was like ...ok. The first she talked to me cos she was pissed with her friends and she needed someone to talk to. Second time was when she wanted to come to Germany. Third time was yesterday. Hallelujah, she emailed me! But after months I hadn't heard from her and she mailed me. Not asking me how I am doing here or anything like that.
She needs help again............

The same like the Vietnamese German who owned an Asia shop here in Aachen. She seemed to be very very nice. Too nice even. She always said, "Yeah, after all the things have done with our apartment, you should come and visit us. Maybe we'll have a barbecue party or something like that." Guess what, she never calls.....Oh she did, once, when she just moved to her new apartment. She called us. And Nicolas gave her a hand with the shelves. It was the first time and the last time she ever called. We saw her a couple times in the city. I really would like to turn away, but I was too late. And every time we met, it was all so fake!

I am so sorry my friend, but if you just mail me or call me when you want something from me. I will show my middle finger to you and say,"F U!"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

First snow in 2008

I snapped the first snow in 2008. Enjoy it :D

Friday, November 21, 2008

Darn my luck!

Seperti istilah pepatah, "Sudah terjatuh tertimpa tangga lagi." Sekarang beginilah daku :'(
If people believe that Friday 13th is an unlucky date, but I believe Thursday 13th was the unluckiest day for me! It started only from a stomachache in the afternoon after lunch. I felt kinda weird in my stomach, but I thought it was normal cos I always have that. After work, I came home and had a dinner. It got worse, so I put a hot towel on it. It was really WRONG! Never do that when you have a stomachache, cos it might endanger your life. About 10 pm, we went to the hospital and it was completely a disaster. There was no more room for me, so I had to sleep on the hallway. It was really loud; the nurses came every minute with utility carts and it woke me up every time.

I got the pain killer infusion until the next day. The "real" doctor came and checked my stomach again. According to his professionalism and scrutiny, I had appendicitis and I had to get it removed as soon as possible. 'Geez, I am dead!' Can you imagine after all day without food and water, and then they will cut and take something out of your stomach? I'd rather die than think about the surgery. About 1 PM, they took me to the surgery room and I felt like I was dead (hahaha coward!) After had inhaling the anaesthesia from the pipe, I slept soundly and had a sweet dream :) I just hope that I didn't fart during the surgery LOL. When I woke up, the first question was, "Is it done?" And bluuuup I slept again.

The first day after the surgery, my head was still dizzy and I couldn't really move my body. But the next day, I could walk a little bit, cleanse myself and eat. I craved like a refugee who hadn't eaten for days when I saw the bread. Five days, I was in the hospital and I got crazy. I called for going home and the doctor permitted it.
Yuhuuuuuuu I am home!

Our car was dragged!!!!!! It cost like 200 Euro to get it back plus 3 Euro/ day. WTF! And we got the letter of notification like 10 days later! Yaaaaaaaa mpok! Mobil mesti diperbaiki lagi... Darn my luck!

Oh well, it was snowing in Aachen. The first snow in 2008, bubye summer, bubye fall...and welcome winter. It was very beautiful..........

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Taipei - Hong Kong - Aachen

Taipei City - Taiwan

Why Taipei? Cos I lived there altogether for almost 7 years and there are a lot of stories to tell! I was heading to Taipei, one year after I finished my high school (when I was 19 years old). The first time when I stepped my feet in Taipei City, I was very excited! "Wow totally cool!" That was how I thought. The city never sleeps; party all nite long then grab your breakfast at the closest breakfast shop, go to 7-11 in the middle of the nite when you don't have anything in your fridge. Like a proverb says 'When in Rome, do like the Romans do' kalo bahasa Indonesia berarti Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung....beda jauh yah?!?!?!
Of course I wanted to do what the natives do hehehe. Partying, attending local cultural celebration, taking tea courses, traveling the through the island :D ... It was the craziest time in my life, and the one that I remember the most! But there was the problem : I didn't speak Chinese :O ..... No worries! I took intensive Chinese course at the university, normally people go there only for a couple hours, but I went there from 10 am until 5 pm. But it was worth it. Two years later I went to a famous university in Taipei City to study fashion design. Normally people study there for 4 years, but it took me 4,5 years. Cos I partied 3 times a week; Wednesday (lady's nite), Friday and Saturday. I could go to party until 6 am then grabbed some sandwich at the local bakery and went to my class (I even had make up classes on Saturday and Sunday). One day, I met my teacher at the university. He called my name, smiled at me and said, "The party must have been great." I smiled back and showed my panda eyes and answered, "Totally!"

If you are not white (darker than the Taiwanese) and living in Taiwan, don't be shocked if they disdain you. It is normal in Taiwan...., but as long as you speak better English than them, they don't dare to fool you. And it is also a part of Asian cultures to ask what is not supposed to ask like: how much money you earn? what are your parents do? how many cars/houses do you have? and so on. I was being asked a lot about my parents do and how much money they earn, and I was fed up so I answered them like this,"My dad is a mafia and my mum is a pimp." They looked at me with their incredulity. As a student who likes to go out and hang out with my friends, of course I needed more cash but I don't want to work illegally. So, I taught English and got great payment. If you have a real job, you should go to Taipei City. It is totally fun and crazy!

Hong Kong - HK

Hong Kong is the city that I always want to live. Crowded, convenient, not boring etc.... I just love love love Hong Kong. It is a mixed culture city, the people are very nice. They sound unfriendly, indeed they are not like that. You can get any kinds of food in Hong Kong.

Aachen - Germany

First arrival in Aachen, I was totally amazed by the age of the buildings and the churches. The Dom was built by Karl the Great (Charlemagne in French language). When I told my priest in HK that I was coming to Aachen. He was like, "Wow...Do you know that Aachen has been a very important city for Catholic Church since 500 AD?" I didn't understand what he was talking about until I came to Aachen. When I walk in the city center, I feel like I am living in the 17th century. The cobblestone streets, Aachener Dom, The City Hall haven't changed too much. Every single time when the government reconstructs the streets, they always put the same cobblestones back again.

Germans are very very nice and friendly. At the beginning, I didn't speak German at all, but I don't have any problem to communicate with the people here. Even though I don't speak perfect German, they also can understand that. I've met a lot of people who are really helpful in communication. I took intensive German course for 8 months, then I started my internship. I met a crazy Ir**ian woman. According to her, all of the greatest things are from Persia (LOL Persia doesn't even exist any more. It is Ir**, isn't it?) She inspired me to write my comic called King of Persia. I haven't done anything yet, but it will be coming out as soon as I have time. Three months later, I decided not to see her. Then I had another internship, following a job offer at the same place. Eight monhts later, I also said bubye. Then another job here. It is ok, except for Jacko (She is in my episodes now).

In Germany, especially in Aachen, it is very easy for you to travel. I used to bike almost every week to Holland to shop on Sundays. It takes only 10 minutes. Not like in Taipei City, you can get a lot of Southeast Asian food / seasonings here. There is only one thing: the party sucks in Aachen :'( and the convenient shops close at 8 PM. So, if you work until 7 pm, then run for your food! Or after dinner, it is very quiet every where (not like in HK). At the beginning, I could not get used to it. Actually there is still a lot to share, but I gotta work...bubye.
Maybe next time, Fida!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

wow....normal days now

Wow...I had never imagined that it would take days to fix a laptop. Mine was not fixed, in fact...I think i just throw it away and get a new MAC! But I can not spend more than 2000 USD to get one now, maybe later ...we'll see hehehee.

We still tried to fix my laptop by installing linus and so on. But again hahahha windows sucks! But now i can be happy cos i have a PC. Still windows....(sigh...) but fortunately i can work now :P