Monday, August 20, 2007

Guests from Boxtel

Honestly, that was the first time of my kopdar. I hadn't really met people from blog, until I got her mail. It was so sweet of her.
Erik, Tiwi and Noni arrived in Aachen on Thursday. We hang out on Friday and Satuday.
The funniest thing was, they just stayed in the hotel next to my apartment LOL. We could just walk there !

First met, of course we should recommend something good to eat. Good Friends, my fave Indonesian resto. We ordered chicken salad (yummy!), malay sea food noodles (muaccch), rawon (the best! hehehe), while Erik and Tiwi got Yam Mian (best from Borneo!), char siew (I love love it!) and sio may.

Noni is so cute, she always feels comfy around anybody even with people the first time she meets.

On Saturday, we met again at Zentrum. Sitting at Starbucks was awesome! Thanks to Erik and Tiwi for the invitation! We drove to Lousberg (From the top of the lighthouse, man can see the whole Aachen) Awesome!
Then Erik, Tiwi, and Noni drove back to Boxtel, the Netherlands. See you again... aufwiedersehen

Pic 1 : Noni was eating sio may
Pic 2 : inside Aachen Zentrum
Pic 3 : Malay sea food noodles
Pic 4 : Chicken salad
Pic 5 : Rawon (eat with rice)
Pic 6 : Erik and Noni
Pic 7 : Street singers, they were really good!
Pic 8 : Tiwi and I (talking ...talking...and talking LOL)