Saturday, April 29, 2006

je ne suis pas française

Gimme a spank for I am too smart LOL :-p

Last weekend, I had too much drink, so you know the reaction after some Bacardis, Smirn off iced-s, shots and beers (someone bought them for me, I totally forgot him).

To save my petty cash, I ran to 7-11 to get more drink (we always do that cos we are poor :-D ). Outside of the 7-11, we met some guys there. And I came to one of them and talked to them.
Well, you know, like "Hi", "How are you?", "What's your name?" and "Where are you from?" are most popular sentences we use :-D

The guy answered, "My name is assh*lo (hehe of course not, I make it up) and I am from Colorado."
Then the 'drunken' me started the song of "Alabama", I believe all of you know this song:

I come from Colorado with my banjo on my knee
I am going to Loussiana, Susanna for to see....

Yeah that song, except I changed the lyrics LOL
And I exaggerated my Colorado, Denver with Italian/Spanish accent of RRRRRRRRRR

Then I jargoned in my stupid French to him. He was like, "You sound like American, but you don't look like." Begoknya dikau, daku ini muka Batak, masak mao jadi Bule sih!
"Ahhh, you are a French! I know, you are a French!"
Then I said, "Je ne parle pas Français, j'etudie la mode et le Français a la Taipei, mais je ne parle pas Francais. Je ne suis pas française..." Then he insisted I was a French. Maksa pulak, setan!

raining days

It's been raining for 5 days here. I HATE rain, cos:
1. Mostly my migrane comes when it's humid and raining
2. I have to bring an umbrella, and I hate to bring one
3. My legs get wet and uncomfy
4. Many worms come out from the ground (yuck!)
5. bla bla bla....just hate it

So, when I woke up today, I thought that it'd rain again and cold. I wore my pants to jog. Suddenly to my suprise, the sun came out..... :-D yippie, but I was damn hot with my winter jogging pairs, SHAIT. Hope it won't rain tomorrow, cos I want to go to drink at 101 with my finest! :-p

Besto coming

Yippie....areha....banana..... :-p
Just in 2 days, my besto is arriving in Taipei yippie....

What did we do?
Lemme check : ummmm we stole a broom for the Helloween party, we partied and had fun, Potato and I went to his place at nite and left in the morning, and lots of shit! Hahaha

Can't wait to see my besto! For sure, do some crazy shit LOL

single dot com

I was talking a guy the other day, and we chit-chatted about DINK (Double Income No Kids).
Suddenly, we went to the conversation of marriage.

To me, getting married or not is not a big deal, spending my life with someone I care is more important. I mentioned it to him.

Then he said, "it is like having sex without signing a paper (kumpul kebo)." WTF! Then he continued, "in my religion, it is a sin for women if they don't get married."

Yeah great, you bring your Lord now into this conversation.
Then I said, "But it is more sinful for women (in your religion) to get married, have kids and ignore them, cos I think kids are gifts." Bang! I slammed my window (chatting window LOL)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

chances in your life

One of my good friends, Sherly asked about to have a pair of braces. She hesitated to get one, but finally she went and got one.

Sometimes, someone offers us something. We think about it, consider about it and re-consider about it again.

I used to be super cuwek, never think it twice, it was not good. But the more I think about it, the more I stress sometimes......

Chances come to you in your life in a very few times, so when you get one, take it, take it and take it. It might not come to you again next time. That's why Sherly has her braces now....


Akuh(bukan karya Chairil Anwar)

I am the wise, little cute animal
from the barren hill
Let me be freeee
my butt
me, laying on the beach
my feet

Shih Chien University

Shih Chien University exists for the Design College only I think. The pic shows us the project of the students (courtesy of College of Industrial Design) in Building A.

Building A is a newest building with contemporary art design. Many artists and singers shoot their video clips at that building.

For example : the Malaysian singer, Guang Liang with his Commitment (album), Cyndi, Wang Lee Hom, David Tao and so on.

If you ask me what make them attract to the building, I only can tell you, "the holes" maybe.....


Frogs (or katak dalam bahasa), the class of amphibia in biology. They are just cute little animals who like to jump LOL.
I remember there are a lot of them in the pond at my university close to the dorm. I used to play with them. And when it rained, they just sang along there...........

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: AmphibiaLinnaeus 1758

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Was Jesus Married ? Part II

Part II:

Kissing on the mouth was a practice reserved exclusively for those who were married. What Dan Brown does not mention is that in the Gospel of Thomas, when Peter says "women are not worthy of life," Jesus responds, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male....For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

The Church has done everything in its power to supress information about Christ's marriage. In 1958 a manuscript of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinope was found in a monastrey near Jerusalem by Morton Smith, Professor of Ancient History bt Columbia University.

He discovered a letter from Bishop Clement of Alexandria (150 AD to 215 AD) to his colleague Theodore in a book of the works of St. Ignatius of Antioch. Included was part of the Gospel of Mark which had previously been unknown. He stated that this part of the Gospel should be omitted as it did not conform to the teachings of the Church. The Gospel of Mark was significant as it was the first to be written and formed the basis of all the other gospels!

The part that was repressed has Lazarus, whom Christ is said to have miraculously raised from the dead, crying out from the tomb, indicating that he was not dead when Jesus saw him. Lazarus had, in fact, been excommunicated and this was considered as being on a par with death. The period that excommunication took to complete was four days. On the third day Martha and Mary sent a message to Jesus that Lazarus was about to lose his soul to eternal damnation.

Jesus was there to reinstate him even though it was technically out of his poewr to help. In addition, the part that was suppressed did not mention the resurrection and ends with the women running out of the empty cave. The last twelve verses of the version of Mark 16 that we have today were added at a later date.

When the arrival of Jesus at the house where Martha and Mary live is described in John, it gives the impression that Mary is hesitant to leave the house. Hoever, in the part of the Gospel of Mark that was cut out, it explains that Mary came out of the house with Martha to greet Jesus, but the disciples told her to return indoors. The reason was that as Jesus' wife, she was only permitted to leave the house with his permission.

Roman Catholics claim that St. Peter was the founder of the Catholic Church. The name Peter comes from the Greek, Petros, meaning stone, which was teh name Christ gave to him.
He had the reputation as s misogynist, or as Dan Brown would say, "a sexist," and if that is true we can understand why the Church that he was instrumetal in founding has disregarded women throughout history.

However, if we are to believe that Mary Magdalene was good enought not only to be Jesus' most faithful disciple, but also his wife, we have to ask ourselves such questions as why women are not allowed to be Roman Catholic priests?

Furthermore, we must ask ourselves why the Church is unwilling to admit to the marriage of Christ?

Given the evidence, we can only conclude, as Dan Brown does through the character of Sir Ligh Teabing, that the Christian Church wished to "declare itself the sole vessel through which humanity could access the divine and gain entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven."

Sources : Da Vinci Decoded by Martin Lunn

Was Jesus Married?

One of the biggest questions raised it The Da Vinci Code is whether or not Jesus Christ was married. His marriage, in fact, forms the basis of the whole Merovingian theory, so it is crucial to form an opinion one way or the other.
It DOESN'T state in the Bible that Jesus was married. However, it would have almost certainly have stated the fact if he was not, if that were the case. It was as much a duty for a father to ensure that his son married when he reached a certain age as it was for him to ensure that he was circumcised when a baby. Furthermore there was a legal requirement for the heir to the Davidic throne to marry.
The rules that governed dynastic marriages, such as Jesus would have taken part in, differed greatly from those followed by ordinary Jewish people. The only reason that a sexual relationship was permitted to take place was to procreate. The whole marriage/sex custom was strictly regulated. Laurence Gardner goes into the subject in the detail in Bloodline of the Holy Grail.
There was a period of betrothal of three months and a First Marriage with anointing took place in September. This marked the beginning of the espousal period. However, it was not until the first half of December of the same year that a sexual relationship was allowed.
This was to ensure that a baby would be born in September, the month of Atonement. If this liaison resulted in conception, the sexual relationship could only resume in the following December. Until the Second Marriage in March, the woman was considered to be an almah. This meant "young woman," which had no sexual connotation. It is also interpreted as "virgin," meaning, obviously incorrectly in the case, "virgo intacto."
At the time of the Second Marriage in March, the bride would therefore be three months pregnant. The reason for this three month delay was to allow for a possible miscarriage. It also meant that the husband could withdraw from the marriage if the woman proved herself to be intertile. Apart from the time in December when sexual relations were allowed, husbands and wives lived apart.
At the point at which they separated, the wife was referred to as a widow which was one rank below an almah. She was required to weep for her husband, described in Luke 7:38 when she "stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears." If Christ had been conceived during this "widow" period (and it does seem that he was conceived at some points before Mary and Joseph's wedding was complete) that would make Christ the "son of a Widow." This, of course, how Hiram Abiff is referred to in Freemasonry; what Perceval is referred to as in the Grail legends; and what Horus is referred to as in Egyptian mythology.
One of the aromatic ointments used in marriage rites was spikenard, which is used nny Mary of Bethany, otherwise known as Mary Magdalene, to anoint Jesus. She anointed his head at the house of Simon Zelotes, better know as Lazarus. In June, 30 AD, she anointed his feet with spikenard at the wedding feast at Cana.
John does not mention the actual wedding at Cana - only the feast. Among the guests were the disciples and "unclean" Gentiles. It seems clear that it was Jesus who was the bridegroom on this occasion. When the incident concerning the lack of Communion wine arose, Jesus' mother told the servants to do whatever he told them to do. It would be out of the question for a guest at the wedding to be allowed this right.
The actual ceremony would take place the following September. Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus' feet again in March, 33 AD, and wiped them dry with her hair. The only person who was allowed to anoint with spikenard was a Messianic bride and the only times that it was permitted were at the First and Second Marriage ceremonies.
It was the custom of the Egyptian kings to marry their sisters. The King of Judah did not follow this practice but considered that the regal succession went down the female line. John the Baptist was of the Zadok male line and the wives of this line always took the title Elisheba (Elizabeth). The wives of the Davidic line, which Jesus belonged to, took the title Mary. This explains why both Jesus' mother and wife are called Mary.
In one of the Gnostic Gospels, the Gospel of Philip, which teh Christian Church repressed and which The Da Vinci Code's Sir Leigh Teabing (whose nme is a play on Holy Blood, Holly Grail authors Leigh and Baigent, of which Teabing is an anagram) considers to be "always a good place to start," the affection between Mary Magdalene and Jesus is described, as Dan Brown tells us:
And the companion of the Savior is Mary Magdalene. But Christ loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on the mouth. The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed disapproval. They said unto him, "why do you love her more than all of us?" The Savior answered and said to them, "Why do I not love you like her?....Great is the mystery of marriage - for without it the world would not have existed. Now the existence ot the world depends on man, and the existence of man on marriage."
(to be continued..)
Sources :Chapter Eight of Da Vinci Decoded by Martin Lunn

the Marys

After reading the book of Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code, many ppl might get confused wiht Mary.

According to the Bible, there were 4 Marys at the time in Jesus period of time.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Bethany, Mary Magdalene, and Mary, Lazarus' sister.

(The wives of the Davidic line, which Jesus belonged to, took the title Mary. This explains why both Jesus' mother and "wife" are called Mary).

So, don't get confused.....

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Easter is the most important religious holiday of the Christian liturgical year, observed in March, April, or May to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe occurred after his death by crucifixion in AD 27-33 (see Good Friday). Easter can also refer to the season of the church year, lasting for fifty days, which follows this holiday and ends at Pentecost. Easter Day is also called the Sunday of the Resurrection.

In Western Christianity, Easter always falls on a Sunday from March 22 to April 25 inclusive. The following day, Easter Monday, is a legal holiday in many countries with predominantly Christian traditions.
Easter and the holidays that are related to it are
moveable feasts, in that they do not fall on a fixed date in the Gregorian or Julian calendars (which follow the motion of the sun and the seasons). Instead, they are based on a lunar calendar similar—but not identical—to the Hebrew Calendar. The precise date of Easter has often been a matter for contention.

Happy Easter Day

To all of you, my lovers, my darlings, my dears, and my babeys :-)


Have a great day and don't get lost with the eggs LOL

Choices of life

Some say that they just want to be ordinary people. Some want to be successful businessmen/businesswomen. Some want to be 'something' in this life so they can dedicate or devote their lives for others.

Life is just simply choices. You choose this, then you get this; you choose that, then you get that. So simple.

But some people like to make things complicated, like me for example. If you ask me why? No's just me, just a capricorn with the horn LOL.

Some say that they are like that, so what gitue lho.....but lemme say this, if you want ppl accept you who you are, why can't you accept others. It's your choice, but should have been a fair one :-) . I am not a black sheep....


Some people really dunno how to talk or socialize. I dunno if they are stupid or just born to be dumb-asses. Or maybe, they just enjoy being ones.

Some, they come to me and say, "oh my God, you are fat now!"
WTF ! Is 'the look' really important in this conversation? Cos, to me, I think it's rude to say that especially to friends.

Sometimes, they just say, "Why do you have more pimples?"
WTF! I dunno! Don't ask me stupid questions.

Or some, they know you are lack of something, but they still ask you to make sure. "So, you are handicapped huh?" Oh yeah, thank you very much for telling me again, so I will remember it, otherwise I forgot already. Stupid dumbass!

Spring Scream

Yeah, lame me....just update my baby today. Oh well who cares, cos I don't, wekkkk hehe.
We took our trip to the small town in Pingtung at nite and arrived there in the morning. Playing and laying on the beach til 11 am, then went to our hostel.
That was one of our pics, more pics will be uploaded soon.
Forgive us for you who couldn't go LOL.
Eating, drinking and having fun were our goals there. We achieved them! bla bla bla ......

Sunday, April 09, 2006

guestbook ....guessbook???

I just finished my guestbook. Pretty lame, cos i just stole it from somewhere else.
Wanna check it out? Go here