Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Work and the small city (Season 01 Episode 07) - luck and good luck (II)

Normally I don't take fortune cookies to tell me my luck. But when I was in Bodensee, we went shopping at the Asian Shop and the owner gave all of us fortune cookies. I refused to take it, but then I gave up. I cracked it and ate it. I got my fortune! It said that Unexpectedly I was going to be interview by TV.

I want to hear that hahaha. Normally my feelings are always right. That time, I really wanted to keep my 'fortune teller'. Elyz was like, "Why do you want to keep it? It is from a TV not from a company."
"I just want to hear something nice, and it makes me feel good," I told her.
I had a strong feeling about this fortune cookie's message. So, took the pics in English and German :). I could feel that something great was gonna come to me, but I don't know what.

Recenty, I've been busy searching for jobs and sending my applications. Afer we came back from Bodensee, the next day, I got a phone call. I had the feelings, something great was gonna happen, so I answered the phone (normally I don't answer the phone in the morning, especially when I don't know the person who is calling). The person was from a headhunting company, and she wanted to meet me personally. Wow, she just made my day!

30.03.2009 I met her in Dusseldorf. The company is located in a huge building called World Trade Company. I was like, "Wow, huge....." The woman who interviewed was very nice. She asked a couple questions, and I answered them honestly.
Then she came with the questions, "Well the company who is searching, you are right, it is a big brand company. Do you know Prada?"
I was like.....Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? And answered her, "Yes, I do. I know Prada."
Bla bla bla my interview was great. So........

Cross your fingers for me, hope that Prada will hire me :)

Work and the small city (Season 01 Episode 06) - luck and bad luck (I)

06.12.2009 was the most horrible day that I ever had, like usual I got mocked again, but this time it was under the belt. So, I yelled back.

16.12.2009 was unbelievable day. My 'best friend' Jacko was so nice to me. I was like......"what does she want from me?" Maybe she realized that what she's done to me was so bad?!?! Or she just wanted to show off that she was capable of anything?! No idea! But Agathe told me, not to be fooled with her kindness. She is like she is, she is not gonna change, especially in 10 days. I think she is right.

One week later, the same things happened again. I had to check all the shop, check if the clothes are in the right places. I was like, 'huh??? I left at 6 PM, cos I had German course, after that I have no idea what happened.'

Jacko : You should check everything bla bla bla.
Me : I worked by myself from 10 AM til 2:30 PM. It was like after WWII here. I called to the headquarter, but no one could come to help.
Jacko : You should have called earlier and told them.
Me : I did, if no one could come, what should I do?
Jacko : Tell them.
Me (thinking) : Are you stupid or you try to make it harder for me?

After that I was not in the mood to work anymore. Then my boss came, I told him that I was almost getting crazy. I didn't what to do. I get mocked everyday for things I do and don't do. I have to know everything. I have to control what others do.
He suggested to have a meeting. Then we had a meeting for an hour. Jacko was pissed, and so was I. She is still pissed. It's been more than 3 weeks. Isn't it ridiculous? I am the person who get mocked and when I complained about that, she doesn't want to talk to me. Great! Then it seems to me that I have to go. I'll find my way, darling. Don't worry and we'll see :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bodensee trip 2009 (route 2-Bregenz, Austria)

Bodensee trip 2009 (route 1)

That was my first time visiting Elyz in South Germany. We were all very excited. We drove from Aachen around 5:30 PM and arrived at Elyz' place about midnight. I don't really remember the route, cos we were so tired. Guys, don't drive late at nite, cos you'll end up at the gas station, and searching for food though you are not hungry. It happened to us a lot, and I hate myself for that LOL.
After having arrived at Bodensee, we didn't do much, only chatting until 4 AM. The next day, we went shopping at the Asian shop and headed to Affenberg (a place to have fun with the monkeys :D). You'll love the monkeys, they are very adorable. Just give them popcorn, they'll be your best friends hahaha.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Waltz with Bashir

2009.03.22-22:22 that was the time we finished the movie "Waltz with Bashir".
The cinema at Ravensburg is awesome. There is an imax!
The movie is really good. Although it is dubbed in German, but still cool.
Probably, I am gonna watch it again in English :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sayonara senoritas

Adios Amigos, we are not in Aachen........

Bodensee......we are coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubye then :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

the system

Do you realize that we (human beings) are living the boxes that we create for ourselves?
After having watched the news about rampage in Alabama and Winnenden (Germany), I got to thinking. Aren't we 'a part' of these? It might sound ridiculous, but think about it.........

If you don't have a bachelor degree or a master degree, then you might not have a 'real' job. Well, you might get a job that you like/love, but how many of you? And sometimes, you've tried so hard, but still you have nothing. While some people they don't even need to struggle for it. They just get it, cos they have power or they have money. That's it! Don't you think it is not fair at all?

And to get the bachelor/master degrees, you have to struggle and fight for it. Well, it sounds very ridiculous to you, but not to me.
I remember when I was in the university, when I needed to pass one exam, otherwise I couldn't take the second class. And it was a compulsory subject. And I had a spinster professor. She just made my life miserable. It was not fair to me, but I had to go on, or else I could be sitting in the same classroom for years.

I took the same classes 3 times: first - I failed because I couldn't handle all the compulsory courses, but I was not angry, second - I failed cos of my spinster professor, and I felt like to give a her a slap on her face. She might have thought that I didn't do enough for that subject.

Well, I have a life. I worked. I met my friends. I socialize! I am a person sitting on my chair and keep doing the same thing though you know that you are not gonna make it. Isn't it like hitting your head to the wall and try to crash the wall?

In Germany, especially in Aachen, people are sitting years at the university to get their Diploms for Engineering Diplom. It sounds scary, but it is like that. You live it, or fuck it. There is one very famous university for engineering faculty, everybody wants to get the Diplom there. The thing is they take more around 800 students every year. But only 200 student can graduate every year. What about the 600 students? They will be trying hard to get out of the student life.
My questiona are, do you think it is good to do that? Does it prove that it is a great university cos it is hard for the students to graduate? You can answer them, my friends :)

I know some people who are not good in school, but they are smart. Some might think, when we suck at school, then we are fucked. Well, I disagree. Some just can't handle this "system". They might have their own system, and maybe it is good for them. But because they are the minority, so we have to use our "system" to fit them into our life.
What about the other way? Have you thought of it? Like paper is not the only thing to prove that we are smart. Money can't just make you powerful. Bla bla bla and so on.
Well, I am tired, then you can continue and finish it :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have tons of things to share, but I am just lazy these days.....

Sunday, March 01, 2009

We miss you, Janath

Just in case you see this guy anywhere, tell him that we miss him so much...

Rosenmontag 2009

It was my first Carnival parade in Aachen. Nicolas is not a carnival type, but I am...:P
I never celebrate real Karneval in Germany until this year I took my steps on the street and yelled "Alaaf........"

The first time sounded weird to me, cos I thought they yelled "Allah".
Then I asked Nicolas, and he told me that it was Alaaf. It's a slang from NRW area (Aachen).

I was kinda shy the first couple hours, so of course I didn't get any candies or cookies.
Standing next to kids was a wrong decision hahahhaha. They threw all the sweets to kids and I got nothing......
So, I moved on, I stood next to the middle-age people hehehe and I was luckier. I just ran to them and said...."Alaaaaaaaaf" hahahaha
In the end, we came home with a backpack full of cookies, candies, chocolate and some toys hahaha
Fun fun fun :P

PS. I think my good luck is coming back ....after all :P