Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brussels Trip

24 Nov 2006:

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Thanksgiving or Thanks-grieving

Thank you very much to all of you that concerning about me. I've been busy with new things here and exploring new places :D.

Start from the fasting thingy. Nicolas and I were fasting. We planned to do that for 5 days, but on the 2nd day I got really sick. So we stopped on the 3rd day.

Lots of new things will come up soon, so keep yourself wakey wakey :D

Love to all of you ........ Xtina

Friday, November 17, 2006

People (part 1 )

People are :

Some ppl think that they are smart, but they are so stupid. They think they are well-educated, but they talk shit. They think they know lots of thing, but they dun. Smart ppl think before they talk, but most of us just talk without using our brains.

Many have a flow of the eloquence, but they dunno the right place or time. Some just shout out loud in a huge concourse. And some just pour water in your face in front of many others.

Are we small-brained mammals or small-brainless mammals?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Movie time

I've been watching lots of movies these days. Plus some episodes. Wedding Crashers, The Sleeping Dictionary (Selima und John, in German), Asterix and Obelix, Transporter 2, East is East, Touch of Pink, Legally Blonde (Nico hadn't watched before), Mambo Italiano, Tortilla Soup (the same movie by Ang Lee called Men, Women, Eating Drinkin in chinese version, a very good movie), Taxi (Hollywood version, sorry guys it sucks to hell), and Team America.
Some Sex and the City episodes sound good and My Name is Earl, funny to hell. That's how my days go by.

East is East + Touch of the Pink
Both movies were played by Jimi Mistri. Touch of the Pink was about a gay Pakistani who was raised in the UK. It was a good movie. While East is East was talking about a Pakistani guy who married to an English woman with 7 children. Very funny and a good movie as well.

The Sleeping Dictionary + Asterix and Obelix

The Sleeping Dictionary was shot in Serawak, Malaysia. Drama. You watch and you judge.
Asterix and Obelix is a French cartoon, for kids and adults. Pretty deep cartoon, but soooooo funny.


The worst movie ever (sorry guys if you like it so much). It is just a copy from the French version without any new ideas in it. Only selling models with good looking but bad acting.
Queen Latifah was pretty good, but still not as good as Samy Naceri's acting. Gisele was the hottest but the worst as well in the movie. Why they ruin the script?!?! Bad music with bad acting. Sorry, I am not into blondie LOL

My Name is Earl

Carmen told us about this episodes. My Name is Earl, so stupid so that you laugh to pee. About a guy with his list...KARMA.
Watch it and you know it. If you laugh when you watch Team America then you'll laugh with Earl's scenes :D

Friday, November 10, 2006

Efes and Kolak

Nicolas took me to a nice Turkish resto last Wednesday called Efes. We ordered appetizer for one person. Jesus Christ! It was too much even for two people. Turkish salad was nice with some sheep cheese. Then we ordered Lamachun (Turkish pizza). Tasted goooooood! The guy gave us Turkish tea. I love it. Gotta buy a pack, so we can cook our own tea instead of drinking coffee.

On the way home, Nicolas glanced at a resto called Good Friend. It was an Indonesian resto. Price was pretty good. We were full, but I wanted to try something. Kolak pisang LOL.
5 euro for 2 small cups :S, so I decided to make my own the next day. Bought banana, sweet potato, tapioca seeds, coconut milk (can't find Kara here), palm sugar (gula jawa sini kok mahal sekaleeee pengen pesan dari tangerang aja ahh).
Binsalabin abra ka dabra kolak pisang was ready. Tasty! Gave some to Carmen.

Nicolas was making cappucino :P while I was preparing movie. Wedding Crasher + Cappucino + Sisha = you tell me :D

Shopping list

Dedicate to : Iwok (katanya mao details, gak boleh mintak lagi yah LOL)

One of the other things I love from Aachen and Holland is I can get most of the ingredients and seasonings I want. There are Asian, African, Arabic, Turkish and even Pakistan/Indian shops at every corner. I just live in front of the ILR sign on the map (Templergraben). In the very middle it lies the city hall. We walk there almost every nite, and eat ice cream at the Del Negro (the best ice cream in Aachen).

Basically my life is pretty simple now. I go to library to study, sometimes. I go shopping and exploring Aachen, most of the time.
I eat good food, all of the time (don't get jealous LOL). One of the most exciting thing I love to do is buying seasoning and preparing dinner with Nicolas. So, I've tried thai spicy sour fish, Nasi goreng, bakmi goreng, spaghetti bolognese, mackerel fish, fillet fish, chicken curry, taco rice and so on.

Xtina Si Raja Guk Guk

Don't think that I'm lying to you all. It's true, there is a last name of Bataknese called Si Raja Guk Guk and it is my pressie last name from myself and my friend, Philip.
I met Philip at the library RWTH, Aachen. I just showed him my dictionary and smiled to him. And following by the exchanging numbers. We invited him for dinner the next week. He came with Alex. Nicolas cooked fillet fish while I was making 'acar'.

The funniest thing about the last name thing. He was joking to me that he was a chinese, I was shocked. And I claimed myself as a part of Si Raja Guk Guk family. To my surprise, he told me that it was his last name.

And at the dinner table, he told us how he got his name. "My father was a merchant, he sold radio. I got a name Philip from the brand."
"Do you have a brother name Sony?" I asked him. Everybody laughed to pee :D