Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good Friends

There is always something to celebrate in Aachen. Carnival, culinary event such as Rudy Rockt, St. drinking day LOL, bla bla bla and xxx. So, as good Aacheners of course, we had to celebrate as well. Of absolute NOTHING lol.

Best Friends. One of my fave resto, the place we headed to. I know the owner, Tante Retno, nice and lovely person.

Appetizers : Siomay and Balinese seafood salad (1st time I tried, loved it!)
Main courses : Rendang beef and gulai kambing/mutton
The rest you can guess hehe

PS: The white electrical home appliance is not a rice cooker. It's a bread baker for Nicolas' bday. The bread is self baked.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Do you know - 2

Do you know that : Krakatao volcano has inspired several books and films - usually in popular culture of the United States of America.


  • Tom Simkin and Richard Fiskes' book about Krakatoa was written close to the centenary of the event and provides source material that had previously been unavailable in English, as well as to that point the most thoroughly researched book on the subject, and it has not been surpassed.
  • Simon Winchester explores the eruption of Krakatoa in his book Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded, 27 August 1883. The book examines the history of the region, the early spice trade, the growth of colonial governments, explains the geology of volcanos and describes in detail the series of eruptions and tsunamis and their effects around the globe.


  • Krakatoa, a short 1933 movie about the volcano that won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Novelty for its producer Joe Rock. This movie was notable for overwhelming the sound systems of the cinemas of the time. In Australia, the distributors insisted on a power output of 10 watts RMS as a minimum for cinemas wishing to show the movie. This was then considered a large system, and forced many cinemas to upgrade.

  • The eruption is the subject of a 1969 Hollywood film starring Maximilian Schell, which was titled Krakatoa, East of Java — even though Krakatoa is in fact west of Java. This blatant error is perhaps the most remembered thing about the film. (Tambora, on Sumbawa, is the violent volcano east of Java). There was a novelization with the same title by Micheal Avallone.
Sources - wikipedia ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Basel, Switzerland pictures

A day trip to Basel, Switzerland was so much fun! As you can see in the pics, there are lots of Bata shops in Basel. To my surprise, Bata is from Europe, thought it was from India or some other countries in Asia LOL.

My fave place is the Rhine river. We found a condom shop with an exhibition inside.
One thing that impressed me alot that people in Basel don't really need the traffic lights. So, you won't see many there even if on the main roads.


Loerrach and Black Forest pictures

Pic1 : Smiley Nicolas

Pic 2 : Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
Pic 3 : plum shot from the Chinese restaurant Happy Garden. Taste good :P
Pic 4 : Carolin ordered chicked with cashew.
Pic 5 : My best shot of Loerrach. In the back side you can see the mountains.

Pic 6: I was sick (darn)
Pic 7 : Art in Loerrach. My fave bronze abstract statue
Pic 8 : Luise (Nicolas' aunt carved the wooden statue. It's a part of her hobbies. She likes cooking, gardening, carving etc. She made her own stairs. Wow!

Pic 9 : Special white wine in Loerrach.
Pic 10 : The meat salad that you can only get in the Black Forest.
Pic 11 : Meat with egg noodles and xxxx sauce :D
Pic 12 : View next to my hotel, Adler
Pic 13 : Art to campaign against the war (soldier statues)
Pic 14 : Art to campaign against the war (soldier statues)

Pic 15 : Laura, Nicolas' grandpa and Carolin
Pic 16 : View in Schopfheim
Pic 17 : Schopfheim
Pic 18 : My Cha-Siew Yok. It tastes good, but looks ugly LOL
PIc 19 : Nicolas ordered Sechuan style dish
Pic 20 : Our food. Yummy yum yum :P
Pic 21 : Duck meat (I think it was Wolfgang's)
Pic 22 : Dessert

Pic 23 : Nicolas' old house in Loerrach
Pic 24 : Arcade area in Loerrach
Pic 25 : My fave tea shop design (Tibetan style)
Pic 25 : Coffee shop at the second floor

Pic 26 : Up in the Black Forest
Pic 27 : Specialty from the Black Forest with Rotekraut (red cabbage)
Pic 28 : Dunno what it's called ?!?!?!
Pic 29 : The Black Forest

Pic 30: The Black Forest view
Pic 31: The Black Forest view
Pic 32: The Black Forest cake
Pic 33: Luise makes the best Black Forest cake. It is called
Schwartzwalder Kirsch Torte (Black Forest cherry cake). It's called cherry not because of the cherries but the cherries and vodka in the cream.