Sunday, January 28, 2007


Kalo ditanya stasiun TV apa yg aku tonton, pasti ku jawab TVRI yg menjalin persatuan dan kesatuan......

Kemaren pas baca berita ttg Dominggus da Silva ama teman-teman. Gak sengaja Nicolas temuin berita org yg kerusukan di sini. Trus dia tanya, "apakah itu stasiun TV pemerintah?"
"Bukan!" Lagian berita murahan gitu hanya untuk org yg gak sekolah. Masak ada berita org kesurupan juga masukin ke TV.
Gak sengaja gue juga ketemu berita ttg berita mistery kamar Alda. Kalo gue jadi keluarganya, gue tuntun masak anak gue dibilang gentanyangan. Kurang ajar gak?

Lama-lama aku liat SCTV gak beda ama stasiun-stasiun TV Taiwan yg tayangin berita picisan untuk dikonsumsi rakyat. Gimana rakyat mao jadi pintar kalo org yg sekolah aja bodoh!

Waktu temen ku main ke Jakarta trus kita nonton TV bareng. Tahu gak apa diacara TV? Pak Ustad menangkap setan!!!!! Alamaaaaak, setan aja pergi kalo tahu tiap hari Jum'at ada pak ustad yg dateng trus masukin ke botol. Parah nih TV Indonesia. RCTI dan TVRI masih lebih bermutu.

PS. Bagi yg suka nonton SCTV, gue gak singgung loe yah

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rock Climbing II

Yippie yippie yeah yeah areha banana....I got my climbing belt, so I dun have to rent now yuhuuuuu. The other thing that I need most now is a pair of climbing shoes.
We checked in the sport shop a couple days ago. But they didn't get that fit my feet. I have a lil different toes. My third, fourth and fifth/little toe are a little longer than most of other people's ones. So, I am waiting for my special order shoes now :D

Normally Nicolas comes with me to school, so that he can study in the library. Then we have lunch together at the student cafetaria and continue studying until 5 pm. We go climbing until 8-9 ish. We 'plan' to do that 3 times a week. We started to do that with Alvaro, our Spansih friend. He is very happy cos he didn't have a partner to secure him. He has been to Alps and other nice places. He invites us to southern Spain to climb together. See if I can kill my acrophobia....

Aachen flea market

Pics from the flea market in Aachen:

Arabic dinner

A couple weeks ago, Christina (a friend of Nicolas & Frank) and Nicolas made a dinner for Ami and Frank. They cooked Arabic food. Tasted good! We had Greek style salad with Arabic bread, couscous/kuskus (pronunce 'ku:s ku:s) with meat sauce. Couscous is Arabic kind of food made of wheat. More explanation??? Why dun you wiki it hehehe :D

Mozilla and Internet Explorer, they both drive me crazy. When I arrange the pics nice with FireFox, but then somehow looks so fugly in IE. So I recommend you to check them with Fox.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jarrrrr me matey

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I'm back after so long that I didn't update my blog. Thank you to all of you my friends for leaving me email and messeges in my ShoutBox (Oggix is a lil screwed now, but dun give a sh*t). I have been to school for 9 days.

It's been hard for me cos I am taking intensive course. It's fast. I have 3 teachers; 2 female ones and one male one. Katarina from Poland, Christina from Greece and Nobert from Germany (maybe, cos he didn't mention it). How are they? I like them all, they are so nice.

I have homework almost everyday. How is my German??? Thanks! I always speak grammatically wrong German. Completely in English grammar. I always have reasons to disagree with my teachers. Eventually, Nicolas said, "If you place the time and place in the opposite direction in English then you are good."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the Aichas

On the new year eve, we went to Tandure again. The last music they played was Aicha. The original one was sung by Cheb Khaleb. It is one of Nicolas' fave songs. I like the English one better cos I understand the lyrics. But I love the French one as well, cos it has different rhythm.

Last nite, Ratna sent me some funny Chinese video. With my curiosity, I searched at youtube for Outlandish's Aicha. Then I found many stupid Aicha vidoes, ex here, here and some other ones. Sooooo funny and stupid haha.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Glitterfy them

Rock Climbing

Climbing is a very new thing for me, cos I am a person who is so scared of height. Even if, I only stand on a bridge only 3 metres height, that would kill me sometimes (maybe not die directly, but slowly).

So, I took the challenge today to kill my acrophobia with rock climbing, but indoor one :D
That's the punishment for being a virgin climber. Fingers are numb. All muscles are tired. Legs are sleeping bla bla can figure it out.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hannover pics

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New beginning

Back to Aachen. So tired. Drove for about 5 ish hours then unpacked. Jezzzz, do you have unpacking machine????? Woke up early in the morning for some appointments. Well done! Cool thing is that I go to school soon. Sprachenakademie Aachen. It will start on the 10th. Again, early in the morning at 9 am. So, friends....take care, see yaaaa


Bremen is located in the north west Germany. It is a harbour city like Hamburg, but smaller.

The Marktplatz (Market square) is dominated by the opulent façade of the Town Hall. The building was erected between 1405 and 1410 in Gothic style, but the façade was built two centuries later (1609-12) in Renaissance style. Today, it hosts a restaurant in original decor with gigantic wine barrels, and the wine lists boasts more than 600 - exclusively German - wines. It is also home of the twelve oldest wines in the world, stored in their original barrels in the Apostel chamber.

To be continued....

Christmas 2006

I spent my Christmas in Hannover with Nicolas, Carolin, Karin and Wolfgang. We had lots of fun.

25.12.2006 ---> always the same with all the other christmases. Eat dinner and the open the pressiessssssssssssss. I have lots of pressies. Not showing off, but kinda hahaha.....(show you some LOL)

26.12.2006 ---> Nicolas and I cooked Indonesian for Hartmut and Inggrid. We cooked rendang sapi, tempe bacem, nasi kuning and acar ketimun & tomat. They gave us CK as Xmas pressies...sooooo happy happy hippo :D

27.12.2006 ---> Hartmut took us to Bremen with Inggrid. Hartmut was born in Bremen, so he knows every single corner, every story and the best food in Bremen. The first shot was the hundred-year-old cafe. There is a lot to share about Bremen, but I can't type every single story or I can be able to finish it next month hahaha.


Ratna is my mum's best friend's daughter. She is in Nijmegen, Holland, studying biochemistry now. While we were on the way from Hannover to Aachen, we stopped at her place. She was so nice to us. She made us rendang egg and chap choy. Tasty!
She bought me the most beautiful flowers. And they are still fine
after three weeks. Thanks, Ratna....


Nicolas and I have spent some time in Hannover. We stayed at Linden, Hannover. Hannover is the most green city in Germany. It has lots of parks, gardens and some forrests. There is a garden in Hannover that was built in the same design as Versailles in France, and it is the second biggest 'Versailles' garden.

It was the second time I went to Hannover. The first one, Karin and Wolfgang took us to the best resto in Hannover called Azurro. They have the best cook. And I tried my first deer there. Smooth, tender and delicious are the only words to describe it. Our waiter looks like Harry, the one who married to Charlotte in Sex and the City. I told him, but he didn't know it even if he watched a lot Sex and the City.
The second time, Karin and Wolfgang took us to Tandure, the Turkish resto for Christmas. We had the best waiter there, Hasret. It is always full there, so better make the reservation earlier. Otherwise you'd stay outside watching people eating.

*** The black cat in the pic is Eddy, the cat of Karin & Wolfgang. The other cat is Crimson. He is blond.