Monday, May 29, 2006

Dragon Boat Festival

(Dragon boat) (Me and the dragon boat)

For tomorrow I will be off from lapty, and the same the day after tomorrow. So, to all of you who celebrate and don't celebrate, Happy Dragon Boat Festival, and happy holiday (if you have one).

The last pic was me at the festival last year!

The Da Vinci Code movie sux to hell

Sunday was a movie day! Kai, Ellijah, Ping, Mell and I went to see The Da Vinci Code movie.

First of all, of course we went to eat for dinner. Mexican food! A new resto at Warner Village called Taco Taco. Sounds great! But tastes like shit! Sorry to say this.

Then we hang out at Barista Coffee for an hour and half til the movie started. We had great conversation there.

About the movie? Sux to hell, the deepest hell. If you have read the book, then you would have rated it worse. If I have not read the book, I'd have rated it 4. But, I have, so I rated it 2,5.

Kai and Ellijah rated it 1 hahaha nice of you, guys! Completely disappointed movie!

Happy birthday, Steve

May 26th is Steve's bday. Happy birthday, Steve. Wish you all the best! Take care.....

May 24th

My besto ran into KLM office at Chiang Khai Shek airport on May 24th. He was late for 3 mins only. To his suprised, they didnt want to help him. They just closed the office counter in front of him. Darn!

What would you do if this happened to you, and you had nothing with you? P-I-S-S-E-D!

So, Mell and I took a bus to the airport to pick him. At the airport, he told us that he was help by the mormon lady. Thank you, Lord! She helped a lot!

By the way, it was nice to get late hihihi

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pic story

For noone took pics last weekend, so uploading oldies is not a bad plot LOL

( Jess and I on her bday last year)
(Meli Isabella Bong at Jess' bday dinner)
(Jess and Nicolas last year)
(Kai and my Bacardi, only 2 of us left at the party...Guys, you suck! Kiss my ass)

Party story

Jarr me mateys!!!
We did NOT go to MOS. I just miss MOS so much that I uploaded this pic.
Friday, May19th 2006 : After finishing my English class, I got a phone call from Meli Isabella asking me to go to Roxy 99. Shu Yi wanted to go as well. For sure, no problem for me. Went back home to get ready and invited some buddies online. (Yippie yippie yeah yea...areha banana). Shu Yi, XX and I arrived at Roxy 99 first. Kai was also invited, but he was more motivated into his movies LOL.
After a while, Meli arrived at 99. Shakin' her boobies (ooppps), I meant her hips LOL to pass the our Friday nite. Late after mid-nite, we met a guy from Holland who speaks fluent Bahasa, Arnold. He came with his friends. One of his friends was just in the hook, with his Ambonese look (he is also Dutch, only speaks few Bahasa).
Saturday, May 20th 2006 : Ate ate Grazia with Jess to celebrate her bday.
Arnold called that his OZ land friends were coming to celebrate one of their friends' bday. We walked to Ren Ai Rd. to find the lounge bar called BALI. It was a nice bar with freaking cool interior design. Of course, I always had my fave Sex on the beach :p
Took a cab to Roxy again, we arrived there with more than 10 ppl. Shakin' the boobies, whippin' the hips LOL, we all had fun.
At the end, only Kai and I left at the club. Guys, where did you go?

4 things

4 jobs you've had in your life :
* teach English at Sunday School
* teach English
* teach English
* logistics company et teach English

4 movies you could watch over and over:
* Big Fish
* Little Black Book
* Flight Plan
* Brigitte Jones' Diary

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:
* Sex and the city (sometimes 5 episodes a day)
* American Dad
* Family Guy
* MTV Punk

4 places you've lived :
not many

4 kinds of your favourite foods:
* Mexican food (casadilla, taco, etc)
* Thai/Indonesian/Malay curry, et bla bla bla
* Italian
* Quiche Lorraine

4 websites u visit everyday:
* google
* dexigner
* usc
* rhs dot com

4 tagged :
* Koko-latte
* Coco-latte
* Coko-latte
* Koco-latte

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Catatan Si Boy II


This video clip was banned in Indonesia. Anything is banned there as long as you wear sekseh. As long as you put veil in your head, you have NO problem!

By the way, I dun think farmers or maids will buy French album LOL. No offense, I am just not a hypocrite.

She rocks!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

May 17

May 17 is my second bday from Julian. I started not to celebrate it last year. But to show my respect and appreciation to Julian, I still upload my bday post.

From this 4 seasons, I like summer the most. So, May is in summer. From number 1 to 31, I like 17 cos I had the best sweet seventeen in my life.

So, May 17 is my second bday.

Terima kasih Ucok!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

period season

When the PMS comes, I just eat like a monster. Five meals in a day, rarrrr so scarry! Milk in the morning, milk again in 2 hours, then lunch at noon, then milk tea with some cookies and then dinner and then supper at midnite. SCARRRRRRRY!
When the period comes, it never tells me when it comes. So, need to prepare tampons at any time.
And I'm just moody. Not in the mood to talk. Get pissed easily. And soooooo mean.

Monday, May 15, 2006

My mentally judgement.....

I am just Miranda Hobbes, one of Carrie's best friends. I am a tough one. I judge people! I remember, once I said Carrie was a pathetic person. Wasn't I?

I think Carrie getting back together with Big is very bad idea. I judge Carrie. I judge Charlotte's ex husband Trey. And I judge Samatha's sex life!

What about me? I still date Steve, the one ball guy. I am lame too, sometimes. I made mistake. And I bla bla bla.....


There are several kinda ppl in this world:

a. They are just a piece of SHIT. They know it and keep being shit!

b. Ppl who know he/she is a shit, but still pick them and complain about them. And never satisfy with their shit.

c. Ppl who know he/she is a shit, and never want to pick the shit! Cos, they don't take any shit.

d. Ppl who don't give a shit!

No need to tell me which is you! Me? I am a person who know he is a shit and pick him and happy with his shit, but take no shit! LOL

naturally mean

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, blame on me!
But blame me not, for I was born to be mean. It is called naturally mean.

Last weekend, my besta, bestos, a friend and I went out to Chilli's for dinner. Shit was going on, and I was pissed! I ran away from Chilli's. But came back after Mell Isabella called me back (you are the best, besta!). I was so mean......

Then, we went to COR to shake our hips and butts LOL. Too bored there, we moved on to 99 (our old home LOL). I was yelling at my friends (sorry friends, if I hurt you by accident). And I saw Joe at 9% (different from 99).

The next day, he told me that I said this to him, "I hate you, I dun even like you...FUCK OFF!" :-s so sorry Joe, I really did not/don't mean to hurt your feelings.

Friends, if I hurt you, I do apologize...sorry....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

keep your word!

I realized in cino society here, ppl just say nice sentences everyday to make you feel better.
If they make me feel better, of course it's nice then.
But the reality, ppl just say it but never keep what they have said.

Maybe it is the society and ppl just take it here. For example, some women or wives know their men were cheating but they just take it cos they think there was nothing they could do.

I'd say, "many things you can do: LEAVE HIM, LEAVE HIM, LEAVE HIM AND NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN!"

Action speaks louder than word! Yeah, don't fucking tell me that how good I am or how smart I am or I got raised, if you only said it then you take it back again! Just keep what you've said!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

xx and yy things :D

Inspired by Miniez post about "future", guiding me to write this.
Meli Isabella promised me to be my bridesmaid, or I'll be her one day when we get married :D

Kirsten will be my kids' god mother, and Nicolas will be their god father.

I planned to adopt a daughter in 28, but seems like pushing me so hard, so I loosen it to 30 :D
If I have a daughter, I'll name her Charlotte Sartika. And name my boy Craig Jakarta.

little black book

I have seen this movie more than 3 times, and still love it! Yippie!!! And FYI (for your information) I am watching it with Mell now.
I like the character Stacey played by Brittany Murphy.

I love Brittany Murphy, Dakota Fanning, Densel Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Scarlette Johanson, Neve Campbell, Natalie Portman and so on.

Three of my yippie movies that I've seen and will always be watching them again are Wicker Park and Closer. My fave entertainment when I am bored is Sex and the City. I can watch the episode 3 (when Carrie met Aidan) more than 3 times in a day :D
Yay me up babey!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bon Weekend

To Jeng Dian, yg mintak....nih gue kasih
Nice weekend to all of you

xxx Xtina

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Aku - versi cerita

(Hanya untuk kalangan sendiri)
RARRRRR, I am just a lil wise animal from the barren hill.
I was born to be mean! Darn....

I remember the first time at the uni here, a gal came to me and talked stupidly. I was really pissed. And I pointed to her saying, "You know what, you, you are f*cking ugly, poor and stupid. Go and learn!" She was almost in tears. Sorry :-(

Pernah si Kentang tengkar ama gue, karna gue made fun of dia. Dia bilang jangan gitu lagi ntar dia bener-bener sebel. Alhasil, gue semalaman kagak bisa tidur. Yah weis Kentang bilang dia bukannya marah cuman gak suka dakuh olok-olok dia. Masya olloh dakuh!

Takut setan
I am not a coward, but scared of thing which is called spirit or ghost. Shiver me Timbers (Kai taught me those pirate talks)
Vindicated, I am selfish, but I am not wrong! Bukan salah bunda mengandung...

scarry movies

I used to love scarry movies a lot. I remember when I was a kid, I liked to watch Friday the 13th, Jason and some other scarry shit!

Dunno since when I started to stop watching them and watched funney movies instead. Maybe, I am a real Capricorn who is always in paranoia. Long time ago, I watched the movie Skeleton Key, the non-scarry movie with Kate Hudson (I guess).

I had had nitemares for weeks from that stupid scenes at the end. And it comes back again last nite. Stop it!

Nakie sleep

Lame on me. I am just a mean and lazy-bug LOL.

I was from Mell's the other day (oh by the way, she is using her mid name now Isabella). I went back home and took a cool shower, cos it was hot that day. I was from uni and stayed a lil bit there then walked with Mell to Da An park til 12 midnite. Too tired.

After showering, was just so tired, so I slept nakie aka only sheet on me. The result of that, my whole body was just itchy. OMG! I itched it and could not sleep, only can see my body was red. Won't sleep nakie again :-(

Don't trust Pakistani

Pacar kuh malang, eh...mantan kuh malang :D
My ex bought a site of MsnHeaven from a guy from Pakistan named Moh. Fucktard for USD 500. Ummm a lil expensive for me, just for a stupid site (sorry babey).

A couple months later, he found out that the Fucktard trying to sell exactly the same twins online, just with different name, MsnValue.

Never trust them!