Friday, August 25, 2006


Friends, I am leaving you for a while again :D

Gonna go to Guangxi, China for a week..get killed by the air nyahahhaa
So, see you guys when I am back to HK again :)


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Trefzgers

Nicolas told me about the Trefzger last name story.

In the 14th century ... there was a man ... who lived in that area where Nicolas comes from. South Germany....
Really south ... between Swiss and Germany near the Black Forest
Tthere was a valley that time people couldn't live there, because there was a plant growing there .... and it destroyed every other plant
It was like a jungle that valley
People were scared to go there

So that guy went out ... and destroyed that plant and recultured that valley
The plant was called TRESPE and in English the plant is called BROMUS
So, if Nicolas were anEnglish, He'd be Nicholas Bromuskiller :D

Later on, the name was split up :
Trefzger - catholic
Trefzer - protestant
Even today in that village .. almost every one is called still today Trefzger
so Trefzger is a very common name in that area

TREFZGER ... is today a name maybe only around 20 families have WORLDWIDE
Trefzger is very uncommon .. because it is catholic but that area was protestant

His uncle got a book ... with the names of the family who remain today .... all over the world
it was 15 inside, but I guess there are still a few not register ones

The funniest thing is only the people in south Germany know that name
North german people always think it is Russian or something like that and they can't spell it at all LOL

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Babey und Gigi

From Repulse Bay, we strolled at the fish market in Mong Kok. They had lots of kinds of fish and other underwater living creatures that I had never seen before. And after awhile, my eyes were stopped by those turtles. They were just sooooooo cute. I bought two of them. Babey and Gigi. Babey is small and inactive. Gigi is slightly bigger and it had more white on his shell. Gigi is more active. Babey likes to sit on the top of Gigi :S

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Repulse Bay

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Tujuh Belas Agustus Taon Empat Lima kakakakaka

We went to Repulse Bay to swim. One guy was killed by the speedboat on the other side of the beach. we just knew it after we went home and watched the news. Repulse Bay is a very nice beach and clean.

Oh by the way, there were many visitors from China. Mostly, they were with high-heels jeans :O Can they walk? Some gals were with flamenco dresses :O


As Ash asked me to post the pics of the jellyfish I saw in Deep Water Bay. It looked like the pic (in the left). Pic was ripped from here.

The day before, we went to see a lot in some shopping mall's aquariums. There were blue, pink, dark grape purple, and transparent white. Why so many colours? I dunno :D

Pic was ripped from here.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My babies

Hi all, sorry for the late update. Lapty was sick again. Thought only windows problem, so I had tried to fix it for days with Nicolas but didn't work. Then, I decided to take it to computer shop. They fixed it, but only worked for a day and crashed again :S

Brought it to the shop again and explained him that not the windows problem. They checked it. Oh My God! My hard drive problem. Shit! Bought a new one. All together cost me 120 Euro. Alamak, miskin daku....

Q : Who is the guy on the pics no. 2 and no. 3 ?
A : My bebe.....a couple years ago (Alamak kurusnya....)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


08.06.06 Jasmine invited me to go boating with her friends in Deep Water Bay. We set off around 11 am and arrived on the small private beach at 12 ish. There were John, Jasmine, me, Jasmine (John's daughther), Hetty and her darlin, Kasper and Luisa, and the kids (David, Jack, Charlotte, Isabella and Nicolai). Nicolai is the babey of the babies. He is only 2.5 years old. When he saw John from 3 metres away, he was like, "Hello, Uncle John.." Oh ..sweet!

After from the small beach, we went back to the boat. Very nice. There was cheese and white wine with some chips :D
Suddenly, the small pink creatute in the sea drew my attention. I thought it was someone who swam nakie and i saw the butt (blushed). Oh it was the jellyfish. Huge! The first time I saw such a huge jellyfish. "I want to see the jellyfish....," said Nicolai. such a cute baby.

We rode to another place to have BBQ. This resto is quite unique. We cooked ourselves what we ordered. Nice work Kasper/John!

I was really sick from the sunstroke. All of my snacks and food gone :(
We saw the jellyfish again on the way home hahaha. It seemed to be a famous entertainment. Thanks a lot to Jasmine and John.

HK Photos (I)

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Catatan Si Boy (yg kesekian LOL). These are the pics with Kai in Hong Kong. Enjoy them :D

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the city I love the most. Kai and I arrived here on July 30. Thanx a lot darlin' for carrying my huge huge luggage :D. Dinner on Cathay Pasific was good and hot, I almost burnt my finger. Anyways, the chicken was great.

Kai needed to get his visa, so we met at Central to get the Taiwan Commerce Centre in Lippo Tower. But we got the wrong train. We should have got to Admiralty not Central. For foreigners, to get Taiwan visa, we should go to the 40th floor of Lippo Tower. It was very fast, just need to come back the next day to take the passport.

My cousin took us to the Peak. Peak is always nice. View from the top of the Peak was very cool that day. Not cloudy at all. I could see many ships and the 'Pinisi' ship. We went to Mongkok to eat Thai. My cousin and I go there quiet often and the food there tastes really really good.

After dinner, we walked a lil bit. While we were looking for some goods, I saw someone who looked like my friend. "Shelly????" It was pretty creepy to meet her on the street in HK, cos she was in Malaysia, Spore, Vietnam, Thailand, Shanghai, Beijing and HK. We were soooo surprised.

More surprised thing was, she lived just next 2 rooms from Kai.

To be continued..
The continued story...

The next day, we just took it easy. Kai went to get his visa, and then we walked around again to have dim sum. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Walked on the market again and then strolled til late at nite. Then we stayed in TST to see the nite view. Pretty! Weird thing happened, a sikh guy came to Kai and told him how lucky he looked and asked Kai to call his temple. (For what? To donate money?) LOL

My cousin, Kai and I just hanging around at Kowloon side. We had dim sum again, then sittin' in the cafe cos it was raining (typhoon lai le ! LOL). And then dined at Coral.

Kai was going to leave. Jasmine invited me to a high class club in Lam Koi Fong area. She took me to Dragon-I first then Hei Hei. I had lots of fun there. Thx Jasmine :P