Tuesday, February 28, 2006

f*ck NOVA

potato and i went to Nova to get my lapty. he has helped me to pick the one that is not bad. so we got lapty on jan 01 2005.
lapty was sick last year after x'mas. i took her to Nova, the place where we got her. i still got the guarantee, so free to fix her. it took me less than 2 days.
But after using her 2 weeks, her optic was broken again. and i doubt it if they really fixed it now. i took her to the shop again on feb 10, 2006. it's been 10 days now, and they never called me. i was pissed, cos when i called them, they just broke my lapty without telling me. it's not about the pay or money but the feelings.
then i told my boss, he mocked at them saying that they were untrusted and unreliable!!! yeah, never go back to fucking nova anymore (that shop)!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Big and I

The relationship between me and Big is just like twisted vines. Hard to make it clear and clean. The more you try to pick the vine of the other ones, the more they grow closer.
Sometimes, Big is just a Big of Carrie. Is he a Big of mine? Hard to say so....
Big wasn't only a bf to me, but he was more than that. Big was a huge nice spoiler hehe. But Big maybe not the Big anymore.
He called the other day while he was drunk. Drunk ppl tell the truth! Saying bla bla bla...what??? Don't get you honey. What do exactly you want!

Then end of Carrie's story, she ends up with Big. I prefer Aidan, cos he is such a lovely spoiler and loving!

May Big be Big. May Big be Aidan.

Reese Witherspoon

Ahhh she is lovely!
First watching her movie was Legally Blonde. I was told by my uncle Nick. But I seemed to doubt about it. Uncle Nick convinced me! After watching the movie, I owe my uncle a big laugh hehe.

Then Legally Blonde 2 came out. I begged Big to watched it with me. He said, no honey. But I kept bugging him and begging him. Then he gave up and watched it with me.

But after that Big wanted to kill me twice hehe :p

Other Reese good movies : Sweet Home Alabama, Vanity Fair, and Just Like Heaven (gal life codes).

Perhaps Love

I went to the wrong theater! So I watched the wrong movie! Bolot me for a second LOL.

The movie is 98% similar to Moulan Rouge! The dances, the love story between the actress and actor and the director. Only the ending is different!

Only one thing is good from the movie, Jacky Cheung! His voice is bravo! And the actor (Mell said from Korea) he is good too!

My rating : no star at all, and 4 stars for Jacky cheung, 3.4 for the Korean actor. LOL

Just Like Heaven

Arehaaaa Reese peanut butter cup....ooops wrong Reese Witherspoon. She is so lovely. Not as cute as me LOL. Kidding!

She is a spirit who meets David. David is in love with her, and want her back. But when she gets back to her body (the spirit), she doesn't recognize him anymore.

So sad :((

The Stone Family

Yippie, ma big sister is on the screen!!!! I love Sarah Jessica Parker, especially her in Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw. Awesome!!

The Family Stone is a xmas movie, and I saw it a lil late hehehe.

Dun wanna tell you the story, you go and watch it, cos I am mean hehe. But i am just wondering the end is a bit too much. If you were dating a guy, but the end he ended up with your sister. And you ended with his brother, don't you think it's a bit too much???

Friday, February 24, 2006

paris hilton DOH dot com

paris hilton sued her ex bf paris' ex gf rita saying that she had hit her. so the policemen asked her, "so can you tell me what happened in england miss hilton?"

paris hilton : oh it was not happening in england, but in london
cop : london is the capital city of england
paris : oh whatever

paris : i only remember it was in europe cos everyone was speaking french at the time

LOL Please rate yourself to see how dumb you are at blondieparis dot com

blondie - part trois

A blonde calls her boyfriend and says, "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle and I can't figure out how to get it started. Her boyfriend asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished?" The blonde says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a tiger. "Her boyfriend decides to go over and help with the puzzle. She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table. He studies the pieces for a moment, then turns to her and says, "First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a tiger." He held her hand softly, led her to a chair and said, "Secondly, I'd advise you to relax. Let's have a cup of coffee, and then. ... "He sighed, "let's put all these Frosted Flakes back in the box."

blondie - part deux

A blonde goes to the movies, her boyfriend asks if she wants any thing to eat, she says yes M&Ms. So he goes to get her some M&Ms. He comes back with the M&Ms and gives them to her, she opens up the bag and pulls out all the brown ones and gives it to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked why she gave him all the brown ones, and she said "Oh I'm allergic to chocolate."

blondie - part une

I am just so lazy so got nothing to write but this (copied :S)

There was 3 moms... 1 was brunette, 1 was a redhead and the other was a blonde.

The redhead mom walks into her daughters room and finds a cigarette. She says "I didn't know my daughter smoked."
The brunette walks into her daughters room and found a beer can. She say "I didn't know my daughter drank."
The blonde walks into her daughters room and finds a condom. She says "I didn't know my daughter had a dick"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

friends forever

He was a friend
He was my best friend
He's left forever
He's gone forever

For you, who was a friend
For you, who was my best friend
Rest in peace
Innanilahi wa'innali rojiun

perancang aka designer

If you say most of good fashion designers are in Paris, I do agree with you. They are good!
If I say most of fashion designers are gay (65%), you'll nod your head.

This just hit my head abruptly! If you want to learn French, you have to have nassal accent and the one in the throat. Kayak bencong, najong, metong, croissant dll. (Lebih lutju kalo pake bahasa).

Makanya ada yg nyebut Perancis jadi PERANCONG. Itulah awal muda Perancis menjadi negeri perancong alias perancang!

Source : Repley, Believe it or not dot com!


I hate to explain. So, if you ask me what I am doing now. Those pictures can explain to you.

The first pic : I am explaining to my model how to walk on the catwalk (which way I want).
Pic no 2 : the catwalk we use at Taipei 101

What else I do? Go to eat good food and traveling. Talk to melong and watch movie with her.

Deuce Bigalow

Mell and I watched the movie of Deuce Bigalow. Funney shit! I love Rob Schneider....no kidding, guarantee you wuahhahaha all the time.
In this movie, he tries to help his *blink-blink* friend Jay who is a gay (and a murderer).
Lots of stupid shit was just so funney.... Actually the story is 85% similar to the first one, like the women who Deuce met, only in this movie, they make fun of European especially Dutch (no offense)!
Wanna know more??? Go en buy your own ticket!

sunny days

It's been sunny in Taipei for 2 days. Very nice..... like the next picture in my blog.

School starts yesterday. I spent all day at the university. First day, you know...socializing et socializing hahha.

Went back home at 10 pm then watched movie with Mell.

Monday, February 20, 2006

he said

He said that I was paranoid.

He said that I was mean to anyone.

Finally he said that I was hot.

What do yo say about me???


My fave water is Avien, but potato's (ex) fave water is Volvic. He likes to buy lots of bottles of Volvic home and I drink it. Hmm delish...

I drink volvic now. What do you drink?

raining days

It's been raining for 2 days in Taipei. (Sigh), I hate rainy days. Many ppl might think weird, cos to some ppl raining is so pretty.
But to me raining is a big disaster.
I always get migrane from the rain. My migrane is a heritage from my great mother, her majesty Queen Janine. My mum got her migrane since she was 20 ish. And she heirs that to me 3 years ago.

I am heired with lots of tresure from my mum. For her family is rich. I've got migrane and asthma from my majesty Queen Janine (the greatest Queen after Queen Elizabeth) wuakakkak.

So, I just went out with my stupid umbrella while it was pouring outside. Congratulations, my migrane was back!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

have a nice weekend

I'll be off from my lapty for a while, cos of :

1. she is ill
2. I am on a vacation :D
3. bla bla bla
4. I put a mushroom instead if you really miss me, :D

Get back with you after I come back.
with lots of love..... the bronx gal

Aubergine curry

Don't think that it's curry made of aubergines aka egg plants. NOPE!!! It's a japanese chained resto, with curry delicacy of Japanese style.
It's my fave actually. Kentang ama gue sering makan situk. Beef curry with 3*** of the spice (mild).
If you want put some cheese, there is an option too. But I think, I am not into cheese with my curry :p

My fave curries are : Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Indian, and few Japanese curry.

PS : They have Sporean curry in Kenting wuakakakkakakakak funney shit !!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Miss Jon

Suddenly i miss my good friend, Jon :s

Maybe I go to Michigan to see him.
Party et talk shitt....waaaa so cool

roomies dot com

The only annoying thing living in Taipei is landlady or rommies.
My old landlady was ok, my new one now is very cool aka nice. But my roomies are gays!
Two of them are very nice, they have to, cos they are old! The other two are just spinsters. I bet, they are the big V

One day, I walked through the balcony, the big V was staring at me. Yeah rite, f**k off biach! You think you are the only one who can stare me. I stared back too. (Give ya cruel one!)

She looks like the pic on the top! SERPENT !!!

Damn mosquitos !!

Jesus Christ! I killed 4 mosquitos 2 days ago, en killed 4 again last nite. I am just curious. If I have to kill 4 every day, so I have to kill 4 x 364.25 = 1,457 mosquitos in a year.

If a mosquito weighs 0.025 lbs (maybe), so in a year I'll have 0.025 x 1,457 = 36.425 lbs.

If a mosquito is worth 0.0001 dolar, then in a year I can sell 0.0001 x 1,457 = 1.457 USD ...woaaa enough to buy a Baskin

Yao Lan

Gotta meet Yao Lan later.
Pretty besta... see ya later!!!

Happy Bday Yao Lan !!!!
Take the present later.

Mell et Yao Lan

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my roses et sunflower

William asked me to buy him lunch.
William : here is some cash
Christina : oh no, no problem, I got some with me
William : so you want to buy me a Valentine's lunch?
Christina : hah?!?!? No........................ give me your money et some for mine too
William : hehehe

I got our lunch at the corner of the resto. Then asked the lady there where I could buy some flowers. "Just a block from here."

I got myself a sunflower with William's money then said, "Thank you very much William."

He was just looking at me with nothing to say :D

Valentine's just passed for a day. I came to my office with curiosity about my sunflower et the rose. They look prettier !
I poured some water into a bottle then stuck my flowers into it. They look very pretty now on a new bottle.
Nicole saw it, and stuck her into my bottle too. Zoe did the same.
I have many flowers now. Waaaaaaa they must love me a lot!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

I dun say I love you all the time
I am angry with you most of the time
I yell at you when I am pissed
But you make me smile again

To all of you my lovely friends, let me tell you something:

I LOVE YOU & Happy Valentine's Day

You might ask how much I love you now.

As much as those sunflowers on my blog



Still at the korean resto.
Christy : How do you define a friendship?
Melinda : friendship means we share our ups en downs.
Marc : they are there when you really need them.
Fatimah : yeah i think pretty much like that.

Christy : do you care where they are from?
Melinda + Marc + Fatimah : NOPE!

It's very easy for us to say No. No, we don't care where they are from, who they are, what they do.
We do, care a lot. We, human being, like to create the boxes, and put ppl in the different boxes.

We create the boxes of Nations, Religions and Races (SARA).

finest cuisine

Yeah, it was the sign of one of the restos in the downtown of Taipei city, Tien Mu. Having walked for a while just made me hungry. Mell couldn't bear it anymore. We saw Jone's and Chilli's but we thought they were too expensive. I am cutting my budgets now babes!
We just kept walking til we saw the sign of "xin han cheng" aka "hsin han cheng" meaning "the new korean town". Looks like pretty much most of the korean restaurant. Not much different! So we got in, and started to order. Alamak!!!! It's super expensive, it's more than Ruby Tuesday's or Swensen's. How could they just tag the price of NT 2525 for a pot of tofu and pork plus a plate of barbecue slices?!?!? Oh well, we are like in the NY city of Taipei (the prices!). Noone enjoyed the meal that nite, for it's not that tasty en too pricy.

The boss heard it, then he gave us a glass of wine for each plus smoked cheese LOL hehe :p

Friday, February 10, 2006

2002 world cup mug

My GM is a very nice person. No flattering! He saw me drinking coffee 2 days ago. Then he came to me:

Jesse : Oh Christina, you like coffee?

Christy : Yes, a lot! especially caramel machiatto.

Jesse : I have something for you, give it to you tomorrow.

Christy : Oh thanx very much!

Jesse came to my desk today, en gave a 2002 FIFA World Cup mug. Yippieeeeeeee so happy (like Jerry catches Tom) hehe.

Thank you Jesse, but I can't bring this mug to buy coffee at Starbucks LOL.

PS : Jesse said that he'd pay my 1/4 ticket price to Germany..waaaa love ya more now Jesse

mini skirt

I love anything mini, cos I am so minieee hehe. Melanie (Meilan Meilan Wo Ai Nie) and I had some conversation :
Meaw : You go to work wearing mini skirts?
Christy : Why not!
Meaw : Waaaaa sexy lah!
Christy : Maybe I can hook up some guys there (gigling then slurped my wine).
Maybe many of you think that is so weird wearing mini skirts to work. Oh well, I got nothing to wears except mini skirts en hot pants :D

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

gaji gue

Gue udah kerja di perusahaan logistic selama hampir seminggu, trus gue suppossed dapet gaji gue tanggal 5 February ini.
Ternyata ampe tanggal 7 pun blom dapet gajian.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kok bisa boss, tell me why?
Gue tunggu2 et nanti2, tapi blom juga gajian.
Akhirnya gue tanyak manager gue, eh kagak ngerti pulak kalo gue mintak duit. Malah bilang sibuk et nyelengor pegi sambil bilang, "I am busy now". Wuaaaaaaa, maklum gue baru pertama kali kerja di kantor :p

Monday, February 06, 2006

drunken nite

I spent 3 days with my friend on my vacation. That was cool!!!!! Mars, then called me to go out. Yeah why not.

Stopped at Starbucks to get my fave, Caramel Machiatto. Slurped...hmmm yummy.
It is not my starbucks on the pic, but our other drinks at some ethnic resto in jakarta.
Then we stopped by at Mell's cafe. We got lots of Belgian beers. Five kinds, I guess hehe :D We drank til 12 midnite. We chit-chatted a bit, and the next door spinster was really angry. She was yelling at us. Oh lady, you live close to a bar, what do you expect?!? LOL

Friday, February 03, 2006

ke(i)ra (k)nightly

Keira Knightly. Most of my friends say that I look like her (kera-nya apa keira-nya yah?). But one thing for sure babes, I am really Knightly alias Nightly


Damshui, Warner to 101

Can anyone tell me why my day was so blue?

mell had a day off yesterday, so that's why i decided to go out with her.
We took the MTR to Damshui from Technology Building Station.
There were millions of ppl in Damshui that day, and then i was so pissed, cos i couldn't even walk. The plan to take a "ferry" was cancelled. Biking was also cancelled.
The only thing we did in Damshui was eating brunch at Yoshinoya.
Then we dicided going to Warner village to watch Pride and Prejudice, my fave movie from the novel written by Jane Austen.

When we arrived at Warner, there were hundreds of ppl lining up from the ticket booth to Mitsukoshi (2 blocks from Warner). We ran to another building to buy the tickets. The same.....hundreds of ppl were buying tickets too. Made me more pissed!

Then thinking of something delish, we ran to Taipei 101 to have coffee, cos i hated to see crowds at the starbucks there. For that reason, I bumped into Lavazza, the Italian one.
I got Cafe au Lait et Mell got British Lover coffee (we have no idea what it is). I tasted hers, yuck!!! like shitt, worse than Americano. Then I stirred mine, tried the foam. Hmm not bad. Then I slurped my Cafe au Lait. Aggggggggggggggg yuck ugugugug! Tasted worse than Mell's British Lover coffee. It's sour, bitter en sweet. Never had I drunk such a coffee! Wanted to give it back to them, but oh well.

I was really tired. Going back home. Gotta get some good food. Japanese? Sounds really good.
We were really excited! But when we got there, it was closed! Thai ? Closed! Indian ? Closed! Then we got the Burmese style Thai, the fish tasted tasteless :s ...why why why????

Horrible day in my life!!!

PS : today my boss bought bought pizzas. Maybe it's a make-up for the terrible day yesterday. :p

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

bangsat loe - part deux

Ugggggggggggg marah, marah en marah gue! kalo kagak, gue bukan human-being agik neh.
Pulang ke apartemen gue, dari jalan-jalan 3 hari, bunga gue ilang, barang-barang gue berantakan, shower gel gue dipindahin orang laen. Eh....sabun gue disikat (di-brushed et embat) ama orang laen. Najong en haram kalo gue pake agik habis dipake orang laen, palagi tanpa tanya or permisi ugggggggggg sebel sebel.

Eh kemaren habis chatting ama decante, gue balik rumah jam 2:34 am. Treeeeng! Shower gel gue dipindahin agik! Grrrrrr, celana jogging gue dipindahin agik. Alamak.....haram!!!! Gue buang tuh barang mereka yg taruh di tempat gue (biarin..peduli setan!! wong setan aja kagak peduli). Gue pindahin celana jogging gue balik.

Setan alias monyong aka monyet! Gue sumpahin 7 turunan jelek semua alias kagak ada yang mao plus miskin seumur idup.

bangsat loe - part une

gue paling najong, jijay, geli, bising, et bencong eh bencik ama orang asia kaya yg suka ngesok alias menindas yg lemah.

gue bangun pagi2 nih ari biar bisa jogging. aaah gue pikir lagi kan kemaren barusan jogging, dandan yg cakep ah sapa tahu bump into a hunk or hottie hehe :p , trus yah udah gue dandan suuuper cakep aka sexy heeh

gue keluar dari apartemen gue, pas di corner kok ada pembantu yg lagi celingukan?!?! yah euis, gue samperin tuh pembantu. cerita punya ceriti, ternyata boss lakinya lagi muarah besar (kayak monyet di samping tuh pic). saking marahnya luggage pembokatnya dibuang et dia diusir!

Oh My God! marah kok ama pembantu, wong dia bertengkarnya ama istri!

Christina : emang boss lakinya suka marah yah mbak?

Mbak : iya, tapi boss ceweknya baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkk (katanya ampe "i" nya panjang banget pertanda emang baik!)

Christina : lapor aja ke polisi mbak, biar nyahok!

Mbak : boss perempuan suruh aku sembunyi dulu, tunggu nanti....

gue pikir, ampe kapan? dunia kiamat (hehe hiperbola gue)???
Uggggggg gue jalan ke tempat mell, mao crita ke dia, eh boss betina dia di sanak pulak........what a heck!!!!
Dunia ini udah jaman edan (not Aidan hehe)............