Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Snyder of Hanover

Do you know Snyder of Hanover? I bet you do.

The first time I tried it when I was in Taipei City. As I shopped in american shop in Tien Mu, Potato and I saw it. We bought it. Wow !!!!! Tasty !!!!

I've searched it for months in Germany. Suddenly I found it by accident in Edeka. This afternoon, Nicolas and I went window shopping. Started from Aldi, Edeka and then Penny Markt (I think in Germany with "t").

While we were looking around, suddenly we saw something with all american flags. Coooooool! Then I saw a box with "nuggets" sign. When I looked closer in the picture. It was American pretzel!!!! I was soooooooooooo happy, that I bought one box, which I can only eat after my stitch wounds recover. I also grabbed some cranberry juice. It is good for kidney problems.
Although it was not Snyder of Hanover, but I am still very very very happy.
(PS: all these american goods are only available once a year and only in July, cos of July 4th)

So, the next destination was Edeka. After yoghurt and Quark (curd cheese), suddenly I glanced something. And I was so sure it was something I love love love love. Snyder of Hanover!!!!! I was jumping in Edeka just for the pretzel. Sounds stupid, but it is true. So next time I know where to get my american pretzels.

Sewing machine

If you never think that you are lucky, then you are not lucky. I think I'm always lucky :D
Last time when we ate at Best Friend, Tante Retno, the owner promised me a sewing machine. And she gave it to me a couple days ago.

I tried it. And it worked !!!!!! Yippie yippie yeah yeah areha banana!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Satanic Verses

  • September 26, 1988: The novel is published in the UK.
  • October 5, 1988: India bans the novel's importation.
  • November 21, 1988: Grand sheik of Egypt's Al-Azhar calls on Islamic organizations in Britain to take legal action to prevent the novel's distribution.

  • November 24, 1988: The novel is banned in South Africa and Pakistan; bans follow within weeks in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Somalia, Bangladesh, Sudan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Qatar.

  • December 1988-January 1989: British Muslims hold book burnings in Bolton and Bradford; Islamic Defense Council demands that Penguin Books apologise, withdraw the novel, destroy any extant copies, and never reprint it.

  • February 12, 1989: Six people are killed and 100 injured during anti-Rushdie protests in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • February 13, 1989: One person is killed and 60 injured in anti-Rushdie riots in Srinagar, India.

  • February 14, 1989: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran issues a fatwa calling on all Muslims to execute all those involved in the publication of the novel; the 15 Khordad Foundation, an Iranian religious foundation or bonyad, offers a monetary reward for the murder of Rushdie.

  • February 16, 1989: Rushdie enters the protection program of the British government and issues a statement regretting the offence the novel has caused; Khomeini responds by reiterating: "It is incumbent on every Muslim to employ everything he has, his life and his wealth, to send [Rushdie] to hell."

  • February 17, 1989: Iranian leader Ali Khamenei says Rushdie could be pardoned if he apologises.
  • February 18, 1989: Rushdie apologizes just as Khamenei has suggested; initially, Irna (the official Iranian news agency) says Rushdie's statement "is generally seen as sufficient enough to warrant his pardon".

  • February 22, 1989: The novel is published in the U.S.A.; major bookstore chains Barnes and Noble and Waldenbooks, under threat, remove the novel from one-third of the nation's bookstores.

  • February 24, 1989: Iranian businessman offers a $3 million bounty for the death of Rushdie.
  • February 24, 1989: Twelve people die in anti-Rushdie rioting in Bombay, India.
  • February 28, 1989: Two bookstores in Berkeley, California, are firebombed for selling the novel.
  • March 7, 1989: Britain breaks diplomatic relations with Iran.

  • March 1989: The Organization of the Islamic Conference calls on its 46 member governments to prohibit the novel. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar sets the punishment for possession of the book as three years in prison and a fine of $2,500; in Malaysia, three years in prison and a fine of $7,400; in Indonesia, a month in prison or a fine. The only nation with a predominantly Muslim population where the novel remains legal is Turkey. Several nations with large Muslim minorities, including Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, also impose penalties for possessing the novel.

  • May 1989: Popular musician Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) gives indirect support for the fatwa and states during a British television documentary, according to the New York Times, that if Rushdie shows up at his door, he "might ring somebody who might do more damage to him than he would like... I'd try to phone the Ayatollah Khomeini and tell him exactly where this man is." Yusuf Islam later denies giving any support to the fatwa. For more on this topic see Cat Stevens: Rushdie Controversy

  • June 3, 1989: Khomeini dies.
  • 1990: Rushdie apologised to Muslims and even formally converted to Islam, but recanted a short time later describing it as the "biggest mistake of my life" in an interview he gave to Anne McElvoy of The Times published on August 26, 1995.

  • 1990: Rushdie publishes an essay on Khomeini's death, "In Good Faith", to appease his critics and issues an apology in which he seems to reaffirm his respect for Islam; however, Iranian clerics do not retract the fatwa.
  • 1990: Five bombings target bookstores in England.

  • July 1991: Hitoshi Igarashi, the novel's Japanese translator, is stabbed to death; and Ettore Capriolo, its Italian translator, is seriously wounded.
  • July 2, 1993: Thirty-seven Turkish intellectuals and locals participating in the Pir Sultan Abdal Literary Festival, die when their hotel in Sivas, Turkey, namely the Madimak Hotel, is burnt down by 2000 members of various anti-democratic, pro-sharia radical islamist groups protesting against Aziz Nesin, Rushdie's Turkish translator.

  • October 1993: The novel's Norwegian publisher, William Nygaard, is shot and seriously injured.
  • 1993: The 15 Khordad Foundation in Iran raises the reward for Rushdie's murder to $300,000.
  • 1997: The bounty is doubled, to $600,000.

  • 1998: Iranian government publicly declares that it will not carry out the death sentence against Rushdie. This is announced as part of a wider agreement to normalize relations between Iran and the United Kingdom. Rushdie subsequently declares that he will stop living in hiding, and that he regrets attempts to appease his critics by making statements to the effect that he is a practicing Muslim. Rushdie affirms that he is not, in fact, religious. Despite the death of Khomeini and the Iranian government's official declaration, the fatwa remains in force, according to certain members of the Islamic fundamentalist media:
"The responsibility for carrying out the fatwa was not the exclusive responsibility of Iran. It is the religious duty of all Muslims – those who have the ability or the means – to carry it out. It does not require any reward. In fact, those who carry out this edict in hopes of a monetary reward are acting against Islamic injunctions."[citation needed]
  • 1999: An Iranian foundation places a $2.8 million bounty on Rushdie's life.
  • January 2002: South Africa lifts its ban on the Satanic Verses ."
  • February 16, 2003: Iran's Revolutionary Guards reiterate the call for the assassination of Rushdie. As reported by the Sunday Herald, "Ayatollah Hassan Saneii, head of the semi-official Khordad Foundation that has placed a $2.8 million bounty on Rushdie's head, was quoted by the Jomhuri Islami newspaper as saying that his foundation would now pay $3 million to anyone who kills Rushdie."

  • March 2004: 16 years after the first English edition Hungarian translation is published, translator's name not specified for security reasons.
  • Early 2005: Khomeini's fatwa against Rushdie is reaffirmed by Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a message to Muslim pilgrims making the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Iran has rejected requests to withdraw the fatwa on the basis that only the person who issued it may withdraw it.

  • February 14, 2006: Iran’s official state news agency reports on the anniversary of the decree that the government-run Martyrs Foundation has announced, "The fatwa by Imam Khomeini in regard to the apostate Salman Rushdie will be in effect forever", and that one of Iran’s state bonyad, or foundations, has offered a $2.8 million bounty on his life.

Masya olloh, terkejut gue waktu bacanya. Wah kalo gue beli tuh buku, jangan-jangan gue balik tinggal nama. Ngeri juga !!! Perasaan waktu buku Da Vinci Code keluar kagak ampe gitu yah. Weleh-weleh.........

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Achhh too late, I got it cut :P

Vote please

1. Beyonce's look
2. Nicole Kidman's look
3. Jennifer Aniston's look
4. Ashlee Simpson's look
5. Samantha Jones' look

F*ck Off !

F*ck off you:

Gue banyak temen kelas yg dari negara/daerah suka perang (Lebanon, Syria, Palestina dll...loe bisa banyangin deh). Gue sih cuwek aja, soale EUG (Emang Urusan Gue!). Kemaren teman baik gue bertengkar ama si Syria (gue sih kagak suka ama dia. Orgnya sok pintar tapi begok, lagaknya bikin gue mao muntah. Udah tua jelek lagi. Umur 35 ke atas lah). Yah tujuan gue sih mao belajar Jerman, loe mao tengkar situ, sorry gue kagak ada pedang.
Ke esokan harinya si Syria ngomong ama si nehi-nehi India. Jelek-jelekin fasilitas pemerintah Jerman, orang sini kagak ramah, makanannya kagak enak.
Trus gue tanya, "Emang di negeri loe lebih baik?"
Mereka, "Iya....orangnya lebih ramah."
Gue, "Yah kenapa loe ke sini? Baliklah ke negeri loe. Bukannya Syria lagi perang ama Lebanon. Amrik juga bantuin Lebanon tuh. Gue sih juga bantuin Lebanon."
Kesimpulan : Nah napain ke Jerman, kalo hina-hina, udah sekolah dibayarin 1/2 ama pemerintah. Gak tahu diri ! Tak tahu terima kasih ! Anjing kagak berekor !

Pas gue lagi sebel-sebelnya lagi. Nih temen SMP gue si Cacing. Udah lapan taon di negeri Paman Sam nota bene negeri maju, tapi otak mah udang amat. Buzz gue dua kali. Sorry tak gue block! Nyaho loe. Kalo diantara kalian yg suka buzz di yahoo, sorry kalo gue marahin pake kata jorok. Wekkkkkkk!

Puas marahnya :D :D :D

Heiligtumsfahrt 2007 - Aachen

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Best Sunday

How do you define your best Sunday? Brunch til 2 pm? Go shopping and spend all your money :D ? Or ride your motorbike somewhere and go on picnic? Or maybe some of you just lay on the beach until the sun goes down :D

My best Sunday was having breakfast with Nicolas and Habib from 10 am til 2 pm, then we went to Aachen Dom. From June 1 - June 10, 2007 is the heiligtumsfahrt (Sanctuaried Journey). They hold it every 7 year. And they'll open the Virgin Mary Shrine. It containts the Virgin Mary's gown, the cloth they used to cover the head of John the Baptist after he was beheaded, Jesus Christ's nappy (used when he was a child) and the cloth used to cover his lower part body when he was crucified. They are all amazing ! Then we stopped by at the Aachen Tresor. Awesome !

At 4:30 pm, we arrived home and then got dressed for William's bday party (my Hongkongnese friend). Ate at the best Chinese resto in Aachen (I made it up for the best Chinese resto LOL). At least the food tastes better than the food from other Chinese restos :D


PS: pics will be updated soon