Monday, June 30, 2008

Ready for the game!

We are ready for the game, are you?
* Dasar org indo, sok pamer, narsis banget yah :D

Look, I have branded stuff

Today, I read this news on CNN. I was not very surprised. LV company should have sued the fake LV buyers. Also today when I was working in a boutique, a customer came with a Prada bag. I looked at her Prada more than 3 times. "Something is wrong with her handbag, but I don't know what." After she's gone, my co-worker told me that the customer is a doctor who works in a huge hospital and she travels a lot to Asia. The doctor has bought the handbag in Thailand for 200 Euro. A fake Prada handbag! I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat! (Picture #1 is the handbag of the doctor). My co-worker said, "I'd rather use my 50 Euro handbag than carry a fake Prada." I totally agree with her. Even if you give 1000 Euro to take the fake branded stuff, I won't do that. It is just shameful.

Yesterday, while we were watching the final game between Germany and Spain. I glanced a Spanish girl with LV shoes like the picture # 2. I looked at her and told my French guy next to me. "The shoes are fake, unless her dad is the mayor of Aachen. But if her dad is, she won't be sitting here next to us."

I really dislike people carrying fake branded handbags, shoes, glasses or anything related to LV, Dior, Prada, Armani, Dolce Gabbana and so on, but not real ones!
I have a friend in the USA who was selling fake LV purses. Once she asked me if I was interested in. I said NO WAY!

When my friend and I were in Jakarta, we watched local TV news. There was an actress wearing an LV veil. We were laughing because there are no LV veils.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spain vs Germany (European Championship 2008)

On this coming Sunday, there will be a game between Spain and Germany for the final of European Championship 2008.

Which team do I go for? Since I live in Germany, so I support Germany (so cliche).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Die kleine suesse Noni

"She is sooooooooooooo sweet that I can eat her." That would be Elyz's quote when she sees cute little kids. Noni is so cute, that I could just hold her soooo tight and never let her go :P
But I don't do that, cos she is gonna cry LOL

I saw her twice; once when she came to Aachen with her parents, and the second time when Nicolas and I went to Boxtel to visit her and her parents. She is getting cuter and cuter. She is blonder and whiter than anybody in the family.

It was so funny when she got up in the morning and was peeping at Nicolas through the door. When Nicolas called her name and took her pictures, she just turned around and posed. Hahaha I was just laughing to see her. That afternoon, Tiwi and I were talking and suddenly I was laughing so hard to see Noni. Tiwi turned around and was also laughing. Noni wanted to be dressed like a princes but she turned to look like Jackie Onassis. Too bad I didn't snap that moment :(

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trip to Trier (IIb)

Trip to Trier (II)