Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Liebe Gruesse aus Aachen

Monday, April 28, 2008

What's happening when the weather is nice?

This is happening in Aachen when the weather is nice (the sun is shining). Everybody is sitting outside and drinking coffee. Cos mostly the weather in Aachen is really terrible........

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Obama's Indonesia school day

I found this on CNN videos, not bad to look at :)
By the way, the little girl that seems to speak good English (tought only Cinta Laura can speak English) LOL. Enjoy it!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eating at Frank-Ami's

Wow, I just realized that we hadn't seen Frank and Aminata for about a year. We went to their anniversary last August, after that they went to Greece for 2 weeks. Since then we were all so busy and had no time for Sunday brunch or dinner, until Frank called us.
It was so nice of them! Vielen Dank noch mal!

Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21, Kartini Day

21 April is Kartini Day. The emancipation movement in Indonesia was started by a princess named Kartini or Raden Ajeng Kartini.

She wrote a lot of letters about her views of the social conditions prevailing at that time, particularly the condition of native Indonesian women. The majority of her letters protest the tendency of Javanese Culture to impose obstacles for the development of women. She wanted women to have the freedom to learn and study. Kartini wrote of her ideas and ambitions, including Zelf-ontwikkeling, Zelf-onderricht, Zelf-vertrouwen, Zelf-werkzaamheid and Solidariteit. These ideas were all based on Religieusiteit, Wijsheid en Schoonheid, that is, belief in God, wisdom, and beauty, along with Humanitarianisme (humanitarianism) and Nationalisme (nationalism).

Kartini also expressed criticisms about religion. She questioned why the Quran must be memorized and recited without an obligation to actually understand it. She also expressed the view that the world would be more peaceful if there was no religion to provide reasons for disagreements, discord and offence. She wrote "Religion must guard us against committing sins, but more often, sins are committed in the name of religion"

Kartini also raised questions with the way in which religion provided a justification for men to pursue polygamy. For Kartini, the suffering of Javanese women reached a pinnacle when the world was reduced to the walls of their houses and they were prepared for a polygamous marriage.

Aachener Wein Messe

Last week, there was a wine auction in Aachen. We were actually not in the mood to go, cos it cost quite a lot. I knew it from the guy who gave the entrance ticket to my boss.

Then on Saturday, came our friend, Alex and he gave us 2 entrance tickets. We were like..."why not?!" The next day, we went there on the very last hour (6 pm). They closed at 7 pm. We didn't plan to buy anything either.

We started with the wine from Freiburg area (Franken wine), then Mosel white wine (Mosel area), French wine, Spanish wine and in the end we were on the stand of "Wuerzburg" wine. I started to tell them about the wine that I love so much, but never get the same one when Ronny came to visit Kirsten. The bottles look the same, but not the same wine. I tried Baccus white wine, then I was like, "It is it!" I found the wine I was searching for years!

In the end, they gave us ice wine 1988, we were like wow! Then they said, "Try this! The same ice wine only different year, 1987." Every body was really amazed by the taste. So, we bought them! Instead of 50 Euro, they sold it 15 Euro per bottle. Hahaha we never planned to buy any wine, but we came home with bottles of wine and home made ham :D

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lisa Lavie

Last nite, I was searching the song from Alicia Keys, entitled "No one", but I found some songs from Lisa Lavie. I don't think if she is very famous, cos I don't really find a lot about her online.

She sang "Keep Bleeding" from Leona Lewis better than "No one" from Alicia Keys. Honestly, I have to say that she is very good!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Shopping ck underwear is a thing to do on my to-d0 list. Since CK underwear is a lot cheaper in USA than in Germany. Imagine, they sell the bra (on the pic) for $17.99 and you pay at least 35 Euro in Germany.

Since, Potato is coming to Germany, I am checking all lists online hehehe.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pics from Trier